Happy Day!

Mother… One of the sweetest words to experience!

We all have one … whether here or passed on, they’re always still our mother. The definition is broad and holds tons of personal emotion and connection for whoever you call “mother”.

I’d like to introduce you to mine …

TODAY … She turns 88 years old!

This very day in 1932, she was born on a rural farm in Pennsylvania. She was number 7 of 8 children, the youngest daughter. She had 4 sisters, two older brothers and one younger.

Every year her birthday and Mother’s Day are stacked right next to each other and occasionally they coexist. There’s always an internal conflict whether each is significantly celebrated. She never minded; being remembered on one or both was fine.

Mom’s Unique Talents


Mom loves music. (So does Dad)

Music was baked in her bones … early. As a young girl, Mom and her four sisters sang together. In the early years, she stood on a stool next to her sisters. They traveled to churches and religious meetings, singing in five-part harmony. Mom’s an alto. Even today, she can pick a harmony line anywhere. My daughter, who’s referred to as a harmony-machine, recently said, “When Nanny harmonizes, it is always different from the harmony line I hear. I always wonder where she hears it in the melody.” I reminded her, Nanny learned five part harmony from a very early age, so she hears more than two or three parts. If you pick a part, she’ll come up with another one. The Fleming Sisters were on the radio and even made a few recordings. She doesn’t remember life much before music; music lessons, practices and performances. They’re part of her.

Mom brought music to our home every day. She was the church pianist for a lot of years! (Yes, we got stares from the piano, if we were misbehaving in church.) She practiced for Sundays every day of the week. I heard Mom playing the piano almost every day of my first eighteen years. It was ordinary. I realized early that she played very well. She reads music, but also adds lots of extra notes to make ordinary hymns sound amazing. She and Dad sang in choirs. Sometimes, she was the pianist, sometimes she sang. I sat on a pew through many many choir practices. Mom still plays piano today, in the “piano room”, but arthritis has made it far more difficult. Last time we gathered, she played a few ; we sang along. She certainly passed on her “music genes” to my family, that’s for sure!

If the piano wasn’t playing in our household, then radio or records were! I truly grew up surrounded by music. We went to music concerts a lot. All four of us children took some type of music lessons. Most of us sang in choirs too.


My Mom is a shopper!

She is far more limited these days, but when she can, she likes to go “see what they have.”

We made lots of trips to the mall growing-up. Living in Suburban Washington DC, there were lots of mall choices. I’m sure we were at a mall at least once a week. I don’t really recall if we always bought something, but it seems like we did. I can tell you where we parked and which store we went through to get to the mall corridor. We perched on stools at Woolworth’s counter for lunch, if it was Saturday … It’s no longer there, but the memories are.

I’d say one of Mom’s love languages is gifts… maybe … it’s SHOPPING!

I returned home from school many days to something laying on my bed she’d bought for me. My sister would have her own item laid on her side of our bed. Mom gets a lot of joy out of shopping and giving special gifts to people.

She watches a bit of QVC these days, which is a poor substitute, but it’s a “way to shop”. Every chance she gets, she’ll take a girl-trip to the store, even if it’s limited.

Mom loves shopping and loves others through shopping!

Loves People

Mom’s always welcomed “extras” into our home. She’s hosted countless people coming through DC, friends sleeping on couches, nieces and nephews living months with us, etc. Even into her eighties, she has hosted missionaries traveling through and summer interns from her church. Our home was always open to people. Almost every Sunday, we had a family over for lunch after church.

She’s sent encouraging cards and notes to thousands of people, literally! Hallmark loves her! Dad told me recently she goes through about two books of stamps every two weeks, now! She has an encouraging spirit. I have no idea who all those people are; I know there have been prisoners, missionaries, abused women, children, grandchildren and relatives among them. As she’s become more immobile, she has used what she can to love And encourage people. 

Mom’s also spent tons of time teaching the Bible and hosting prayer meetings, even in this last year! She is committed to her relationship with God and serving others: that’s her passion!

I’ve barely started to acquaint you …

There’s so much to tell …

Another day …

I’m blessed to call her “Mom”!!

I’d love for you to write one or two unique things about the loved one you call “Mom” in the comments below.

Happy 88th Birthday Mom!!! 

Thanks for helping me celebrate!

Celebrating Mom,

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6 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. My mother loved to sew and create new outfits for my friends. She would watch us as we played and take mental notes without asking any questions. The next time the friend came over she would surprise her with something she had sown just for them.

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    1. That is so kind and thoughtful! She used her talents to bless people! Listening and acting on what you’ve heard are such gifts to those around you! Thank you for sharing❤️


  2. My mom sewed many of my clothes when I was in elementary school, including dresses with matching shorts for my P.E.class in 5th grade. She also had a love for animals. I’d even go as far as calling her an animal whisperer. She raised and released several wild baby animals that had fallen out of their nests in our backyard, including a blue jay, a gray squirrel and a flying squirrel! And when she discovered that my best friend’s pet duck had wandered down a large pipe into the underground drainage system in our neighborhood, she ventured down the pipe as well and rescued the duck! She passed in 2004 at the age of 86 and I will always miss her.

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  3. My mom loved to cook and she would always want people to stay for dinner when they dropped by. Most important my mom loved the Lord so much. She would be up reading her Bible at night when she couldn’t sleep when everyone else was in bed. She loved going to Church and praising God. She was such a Godly example for me in my life.

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