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So … funny thing happened on the way to my Giveaway …

You know how you do something for one reason and then while doing it; you realize it is showing you something else. Or, there is really another reason you felt prompted to do it?

That just happened this past week with my giveaway!

I thought we were celebrating my 100th Post … turns out;

it was more than that!

I had no idea back in January when I started plotting my 100th post, the state the world would be in. How could any of us know!! I batted around celebrating it on the blog, but then … June would be my two-year Anniversary and maybe I shouldn’t. Realizing my personal budget couldn’t finance too many celebrations, I decided “100” was a big milestone number, and I wanted to celebrate it more! Again, not knowing what our circumstances would be.

February, I searched for what I would give away. I decided it needed to be affordable, but meaningful and fun. I thought some handmade touches would make it unique, requiring more time from me. But, after all, time is something you can’t buy, which, to me, makes gifts more valuable.

I honed in on my gift package and then found the products I wanted. It took me a few stops to get all the supplies. Then a prototype was crafted to see if it would turn out the way I envisioned. Prototypes are always for the maker, because the process gets perfected on the second and third pass.

I got busy late February and early March on another project, decor for my expectant Grandson’s “sprinkle shower”. Which was canceled due to the major life intrusion of COVID! Stopped us right in our tracks … switch gears and enter a world of unknowns.

It was then, I began making the giveaway “happies”. I mentioned keeping my hands busy has been helpful for me in coping with quarantine. (Read) Working on the giveaway was the first in that series of handmade things. It brought me a lot of purpose, peace, calm, and joy. I just can’t quite describe how good it felt to be productive with purpose, but also to use my hands and creativity. I was happy doing it.

Then, I announced the Giveaway. You never know what will appeal to who and I know nothing appeals to everyone. It was fun, for me, watching people get involved. Another round of smiles and joy.

The next week I announced the winners. I didn’t tell in the giveaway proper, but I had made sufficient products to add two Runners-up to the Winner. Their winnings were a bit smaller, but it was unexpected and a happy little surprise.

Then I contacted each winner!

All of them were within driving distance. And since I’d been obeying “stay home”, I considered it a nice treat to take a little drive and deliver to porches. One winner picked up from my porch because she was in the vicinity. But, I told them I’d be making a “porch drop” and message them when the “drop was complete.”

Joy sprouted again as I dropped gift bags on porches.
It just made me happy.
I know I was smiling.

Have you heard this verse? 

“It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

I know you know it. I’ve heard it since childhood. It has played out for me many times; Birthdays, Christmas, etc. I love giving gifts.

This last week, during difficult, frustrating restrictive times. It played out again. And not just to me, but to the winners, as well!!

Each of them texted me with lots of gratitude. Some even noted how they’d had a hard time and it really ministered to their spirit. 

One texted me:
“I suggested some friends start doing “porch drops.” It’s so uplifting on both accounts!! You have started something! ❤️”

Okay …

So, let’s really “Start Something”…

If you want some joy for yourself …

If you want to give joy …

Do a “Porch Drop”!!!

Use something you already have. Maybe you have two of something. Maybe you have extra canned goods, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, pretty napkins, baked goods, a boxed mix of something, etc. The size is definitely not important. The thought and carry through is what matters. Use your imagination/creativity.

Include an encouraging card or verse.

Text, message, email after the delivery telling them they’ve been “Porch Dropped”! If you don’t know them, no worries, they’ll find it.

If someone “drops” you, pass it on to another. Don’t get stuck in, “I have to return the favor!” Then, the circle gets small and intrinsic.

Pass it on to a different person … pass the joy … spread the sunshine!

I’m telling you, you will feel JOY and I bet they will too!!

It’s an old message really, “do something for someone else and you’ll feel better.” In today’s dynamics, many of us need to feel better. Getting outside ourselves and focusing on someone else will help you do that. Even if it’s small and somewhat insignificant to the world. It will boost you and someone else.

Perhaps far more than you will ever know!!

Let’s DO IT: Find and Give Joy!!

PS – I, also, long-distance “Mail Drop” to my Grandson: with a few activities, little treats, or even a little help from Amazon.

Giveaway Joy,

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  1. Can I just tell you how much I love this idea?! Thank you for the inspiration, Elaine. I may just do some Porch Dropping myself!

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