Honesty about Sanity

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This week has me focusing at home again …

How can I help it?

I love being home and spending time by myself. I have a lot of “introvert” in me. But, with this forced “home stay”, I realize a lot of quirks and “conditionals” about myself. I’ve realized it’s not as much about being home, as it is being alone with my thoughts and spending time processing. When other people are here, it just isn’t the same, even if I crawl away into the most remote corner. I sense them here, hear a few noises, know there are “unspokens” that come along with loved ones under roof.

Ya know how last week, I said the last two years would never have been my timeline for starting a blog? (Read HERE, if you missed it.) Well, being quarantined for the first time in my life, has come, AFTER we downsized and added two teens to our family life. No complaints about my house or the loved ones I share it with. But, it strikes me funny, that I am in a more challenged situation; quarantine in a small house!

I really do chuckle about it. Learning about myself is playing out large in our current situation. Any other time in my life, I would have had more square footage to spread out and notice this “lockdown” a little less. Yet, here I am!

No kidding, just between us, I’ve discussed (with my sister) making the garage into a man cave, so I can have the HOUSE! Hahaha! It could be in our future if Covid hangs around too long. “Too long” is determined by my mental and emotional status. (Wink wink)

I thought today might be a nice time to share what helps keep me sane and busy, some days. I hope you’ll share too. Ya never know, who it could encourage or inspire.

My Top Three Sanity Boosters:

Keeping my Hands Busy:

Embroidery, Crafts (including my “100 Giveaway”), Cooking (not my fav), Prepped Decor for a postponed shower, Writing, etc.

Visiting with Family Long Distance:

We’ve used Zoom, Webex, Go to Meeting, Facetime, Phone, Email, Facebook Live, Marco Polo, Videos, and Texts.

Wow, it’s hard to find words for getting to see their faces when hugs and kisses aren’t an option. This has to be what I miss most. Prior to Covid, I had a visit planned to each of our children’s households and now it’s been months and months since we’ve been in the same room. We’re using every available resource, including mail, but this brings me to tears the most.

I am so thankful this technology exists! I’m in a smaller house, but Covid held off till technology existed for me to see all my dear ones on screen!!


I read several blogs, online articles, devotionals, Bible, and have done a little book reading. Believe me, I have a stack of books staring at me, but my concentration is just off. I picked up a book once … hope I can reengage before long.

I’ve learned to navigate a new App … requiring reading and tutorials. I’d like to do more of this!

I also follow a few vlogs (video blogs) which isn’t exactly reading, but it has filled my days with some meaningful content.

Let me just encourage you, as I have been, if something like reading is just evading you right now. Or something else you usually like, don’t fret about it. Our circumstances are unprecedented. We have to allow ourselves room to handle it differently than any other situation we have ever been in. Don’t feel bad if you can’t read, “Marie Kondo”, organize, exercise, be productive, etc. like normal. 

NOTHING is normal right now!!!

How your brain responds will not be normal. Give yourself freedom. Don’t pressure yourself … you need to give yourself grace. There are far too many pressures on you already!

What is keeping you busy and sane?
All of us would love to know. Please share!

I think one of my biggest KEYS to journeying through these last few months is PRAYER. Before I get out of bed every morning, I thank God for another day and health!!! That simple!

Seriously, this may sound trite, but being thankful for what I do have, keeps me centered on the most important. What I don’t have right now takes a back seat. It starts me in the right place.

I’m not ignorant of what I’m missing. I’m choosing to think about what I do have, as I open a fresh day! Being grateful.

To be perfectly honest, some days none of this seems to help. I feel overwhelmed and like I am doing a poor job at coping. It builds up and feels like a lot. It’s hard!
Yep, that happens at my house too!

By the Way, I feel the need to mention this…. it feels so monumental. I’ve just missed my second monthly appointment with my beloved cut and colorist, a.k.a. scalp therapist, Susan! All the meme’s are true … the mirror is scary!! But, I’m thankful she and her family have stayed healthy. And … my May appointment just might happen … Woot Woot … Can’t wait!!

It’s your turn. Share with us!



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3 thoughts on “Honesty about Sanity

  1. I, like you, had events stack on top of one another! When the virus struck my office job was pretty demanding and I had one of my sons and his family living with me. Within a 3 day period, the time had come for them to move to their own home AND I was furloughed from my job. So, here I am, empty house and no idea when I’ll be called back to work. I have taken pleasure in getting the house back to the way I like it, instead of the way it needed to be with 4 extra people and 2 cats. In the process of getting the house back in order, I was determined to limit the amount of money I spent, so I “shopped” from room to room and made old things have new purpose. It really has been fun! Off now to hang an old pair of curtains I found in the linen closet! Yay!

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