A Little Bright Spot

I found a little bright spot this week.

You know, like when you are walking through a very wooded path filled with shadows and denseness; and a little spot of sun bursts through the treetops making a tiny spotlight on your path. It’s not much and doesn’t last long, but the few seconds gives the journey a moments reprieve.

There was plenty of doom, gloom, uncertainties and sad unexpecteds this week.

I was trying to think of something to divert my attention to a little sunny place. While I was thinking, this topic popped into my head and my thoughts kept growing. Why do our brains think the way they do? I have no clue. This was an unpredictable sidebar.

I know distractions are not always practical or helpful. There are times in our lives where finding the simplest cheery thing is worth our time for a quick minute. A brief respite for our brains, emotions, and physical strain.

My little bright spot arrived as a list, some things made me laugh, other’s six months ago I had no indication would ever change, some brought an unexpected sigh and ray of sunshine.

I realize many of you will not share the same bright spot. Many have struggled losing jobs and incomes over the past three months. I one hundred percent grieve with you. Facing unemployment in my past, I empathize and know the struggle it brings. I pray for a personal “bright spot” to enter your brain and cast a sliver of sunshine on you.

Welcome to my Little Bright Spot…  I hope it facilitates your own…

Ways We Saved Money During Quarantine…

  • No Haircuts.
  • No Gas.
  • No Trips.
  • No Visitors.
  • No Physical Shopping.
  • No Restaurants. Delivery once in three months.
  • No Pedicures.
  • No New Clothing.
  • No Events needing gifts or clothing.
  • No Guests for Dinner.
  • No Graduation Party.
  • No New Home Decor. (This one is hard. I like a little change every season.)
  • No Coffee or Drinks purchased out.
  • No Major House renovations.
  • No Large Family Purchases.
  • No Entertainment Expenses.
  • No Multiple Grocery Store Stops.
  • No Target Spot.
  • No Dollar Store.
  • No Run-to-the-store-for-one-thing-come-home-with-10. 
  • No Tips.
  • No Fundraisers.
  • No Car Repairs.
  • No Car Mileage Accrued.
  • No Flowers. (I used bush trimmings from the yard and my neighbor gave me flowers … shop your yard.)
  • No New Make-Up. (I barely wore any.)

Despite all the “No’s” … the bright spot … we saved money!

The restrictions brought one small sliver of light.

Please remember, even in the most gruelling times,

I’m telling you AND myself,

there is a bright spot somewhere!

I hope you can find one or borrow mine. 

Even the smallest drop of sunshine gives a little Vitamin D;
a necessity for health.

Maybe you’ve found a tiny little bright spot in one of your days.
I’d love to hear about it. Or, I’d love to add to the list above.

Wishing Bright Spots,

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