Golden Moments


Our second grandchild in Summer 2020 ….

Miss Marigold “Goldie” Elizabeth 

Goldie’s parents are choosing to keep her photos off the internet.

She arrived alert and healthy; kissed with dimples!

Goldie is our first granddaughter after six grandsons! We truly prayed for her health, not her gender. Her parents didn’t want to know her sex till her birth, so we learned her gender and name upon our first FaceTime in the delivery room. 

She instantly became a “Golden” Light-beam in our difficult year.

2020 has not been easy on any of us!! We all have to admit it’s been difficult, stressful, open-ended, and beyond enough!! Everything has been unusual, awkward and far less than normal! Our lives are rocky roads of boulders, detours, accidents, and construction. Everything has been difficult and cumbersome. Normal rhythm and flow decimated.

Three days after Goldie’s birth, this was part of my morning devotional …

“… God’s promises and His providence do not lift us from the world of common sense and everyday trials, for it is through these very things that our faith is perfected. And it is in this world that God loves to interweave the golden threads of His love with the twists and turns of our common, everyday experiences.“

“God … Interweaves the GOLDEN threads of His love
with the twists and turns of everyday life.”

I wouldn’t say our everyday life this year has been common! But I can find God’s love interwoven, even if, they are tiny threads amidst a large tapestry. They glisten and command my attentions: I can’t ignore their presence. They speak miraculous intervention and touch my soul with God’s care and intimate intentions for me!

 Our Goldie is just that!!!

My heart bursts at God’s miracle and answered prayers all wrapped up

with a big bow and dimples!

Goldie’s arrival this month and Justice’s arrival in June (Two Days Later) have been magnificent miraculous expressions of God’s love to our family.

Have you found “golden threads” interwoven into 2020 for you?

Share with us!

Goldie’s Zee Zee,

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