Wisely Chosen …

It’s been over two months since Mom passed. (Most Dreaded Day)

It seems like forever since I’ve seen her and heard her. The longer it goes, the more I miss her. I’m sure many of you know. The distance gets farther since, “the last time” of everything … It’s hard!

In these last two months, several of my friends have lost parents too. One this very week.

I wanted to share something my mother did, years ago, that has aided me tremendously in this time. She did lots of things, but today we’ll focus on this one, because I think of it most, right now.

Mom and Dad planned their own funeral services years ago!

The sad part is, due to Covid, Mom’s service was nothing like she planned. A minimal few people gathered at her graveside. Letters were read from children and grandchildren (some couldn’t travel, due to Covid, some couldn’t speak), her granddaughter in attendance spoke, her son-in-law conducted her service, read her favorite scriptures and comforted us with God’s Word, instead of a plethora of her favorite music (which she planned), her granddaughter stood with a single folk guitar and sang one of the many hymns she selected. I think Mom would have loved all of it!

At the end … a poem was read that Mother chose for her “Home-Going Celebration” (her words).

At the moment, this poem was like she was reaching down, giving us her perspective. She was speaking to us, though physically impossible for her to do!

I keep reading this poem to soak in her vantage point and comfort myself with her chosen words. Her words to us!!

I hope it will speak to some of you today, where you are, bringing solace for your grieving hearts.

Or maybe some of you will consider your own service or choose to include this in your “home-going celebration” for your dear loved ones to find solace.

It was a tender, sweet, poignant moment hearing these words at Mother’s graveside! I know she had concern for her loved ones in mind and was speaking beyond the grave to our broken hearts. She couldn’t have chosen better.

The Other Side

By Martha Nicholson

This isn’t death, it’s GLORY! This isn’t dark; it’s LIGHT!

It isn’t stumbling, groping, OR even faith- It’s SIGHT!

This isn’t grief: it’s having – the last tear wiped away.

It’s Sunrise … It’s Morning – of My Eternal Day!

It isn’t even praying; It’s speaking Face-to-Face,

It’s listening, and it’s glimpsing the “Wonders of His Grace”.

This is the end of pleading, for strength to bear my pain:

Not even pain’s dark memory will ever live again.

How did I bear the earth life, before I came up higher,

Before my soul was granted, it’s every deep desire.

Before I knew this rapture of meeting face-to-face …

Assured, YES, I was His child – He kept me by His grace!

I hope I am as foresighted and wise when I choose to console and encourage my family in my departure.

Mom’s certainly led the way with her living and eternal example!!

Thank you Mom, your efforts were not in vain!
You’ve loved us beyond by ministering to our hearts in your absence!


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  1. Thank you for the poem! As tears flow, it’s a reminder that I know, that I know our moms are with our Heavenly Father, in a better place with no pain.

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