Not a Brag …

This is not a brag … it’s therapy!

Every year about this time, I get the urge to create something with my hands. 

When I pull out a new season’s decor, an itch to make something develops. I think it’s more apparent this year because shopping has been nil. Shopping is a creative outlet for me. (It can take years of therapy to find this out!) Finding decor to spruce up the old frumpy “seen-their-better-days” pieces I own … that’s inviting and luring. It’s the thrill of the hunt, but also creativity of the eye, looking, envisioning, and aiming for the “ah hah” something that brings a corner, mantel, or side table up-to-date.

It can’t just be the latest Pinterest sensation. No! I have to find the unusual and I have to really love it or it’s not worth my time or money! So, I hold off until that one thing won’t leave my mind and I keep seeing it in my house.

Okay, just let me confess loud and clear … I’ve had my share of Pinterest Fails!!

One stands out … it was the bruises! 

Who thinks of physical pain and bruises resulting from a Pinterest craft project?!?

Let’s just say … there were some super powerful magnets involved, that kept jumping off the table onto the other side of my finger where I held its partner. Really and truly!! Snap, Pop … moans, groans … “Ouch”… tears rolling down checks while laughing. Quitting would have been smart, but conquering these little round disks gripped me. Every time, I thought I had learned how to hold those little buggers so they wouldn’t get the best of me a “pop” sounded followed by audibles, pain and anguish. Some things on Pinterest are not meant to be tried at home. Warning labels should be required! Somehow … this is proving my point that creativity is therapy … eye roll!! It might make you wiser or prove your stupidity!!! (Move on, Elaine, move on.)

My Daughter: Mom, you know what smell makes me think of Christmas?

Me: Wow, that could be a lot of things … Pine? Cookies? Pumpkin? Peppermint?

My Daughter: Nope!

Me: What is it?

My Daughter with all sincerity: The smell of a hot glue gun!!!!! 

Me: Laughing hysterically.

You’ll understand better Here!

Therapy time hit this week! I found a project! I wasn’t sure I could come up with all the parts from home. But I did, and last week my 2020 Fall creation came together …

My hot glue gun took action and for a few hours my focus was on this inanimate object that I took charge of and made pieces into a whole. There is something so gratifying about completion and creative art. I made every tiny decision. No one intruded or made a recommendation. (Perfection!)

I decided where it would hang and now I get to enjoy it till the Christmas decor enters!

Do you have some therapy you’d like to show us? 

Let’s have Show and Tell. 

Not brags … therapy! 

Show us your therapy!

Creative Therapy for the Win,

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