I Was Wrong …

Four years ago, we downsized our home; all our children wed and out of our nest.

We thought it would be the home we retired in; one level easy living with a handicap ramp built in our patio.


Two years ago we went through a huge renovation, rearrangement, massive-life-change.

My husband and I determined amid all the changes/trials God was trying to teach us or tell us something! Through dramatic and unorchestrated event(s), God clarified we should leave the ministry we’d been part of for 32 years … most of our adult lives! To say we were comfortable in our place of ministry is a gross understatement. Ministry is always challenging, but we were vested, all in, thought we’d be there till retirement or death, seriously!


God knew, but we did not understand where the road was leading. It’s better we didn’t: we would have likely tried to manipulate a few things to be more palatable. Its human nature. We say we trust God but try to “assist” Him a lot. I’m trying very hard to break that natural inclination. (I’ve had lots of practice over the last two years.)

So, for two years, we have been from coast to coast and oversees searching for our new permanent assignment. The temporary ones God supplied bolstered our faith and confirmed God’s providential care for us! But we felt there was something more.

So many things happened in this two-year period, I’d have to write a book to share the complete journey. Maybe I will someday. I know many of you can relate to living in the “in between”. It’s still living with plenty of life in it and plenty of God things to accomplish, but being settled is not part of it. Living by faith as never before sums it up! You do not know where the road ahead leads nor make long-range plans or goals, as many of us have been taught and counseled.

Our focus was following God wherever, however he led down our unknown road!

I will NOT say this was easy, but it certainly changed my perspective, outlook, broadened and deepened my faith in large and new ways. It led back to the place I stood as a young girl, “God I just want to follow YOU all my days, wherever you lead!”

Last month, my husband took a new ministry position. It’s only forty minutes away, but in every ministry position, we’ve lived among the people in our church community. So, this week, this happened …

We are selling the home we thought would take us into our elderly years: following God’s lead!

It’s ok to be wrong! We think we know, but in reality, we don’t! 

In fact, sometimes it’s freeing! God has something new ahead and we don’t want to miss a moment or opportunity He has graciously gifted us!

Another adventure, another chapter. We don’t yet have a home in the new place, but we’ll trust His provisions and know He can and will care for us in our new “in between”.

Here we go … 

Anybody else in an “in-between”?

Selling a house is tiring: Anybody testify to that?

Waiting in a new “in-between”,

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5 thoughts on “I Was Wrong …

  1. Yes, Elaine! I have been feeling at an “in-between” for a little over a year now. But not sure what it means. Please pray for clarity for me/us as a family. Thanks!

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  2. Hi Elaine, Yes, Kelly and I are “in-between.” We are both growing and adjusting. We believe we have found a church. Still have some things we are seeking direction on. COVID has not helped. Overall doing well but please pray for some answers to the rest of what God has planned for us. Prayers for you as well! Mike

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