Await …

They waited a long long time, centuries upon centuries with the promise of a Messiah/Savior coming! Some gave up. Some got distracted and decided to follow other more modern ways. 

But, some ….. were still waiting and were thrilled at His arrival! Spine chilling, never before experienced Thrill and Elation … Love came down, Finally!!!

They didn’t waver in hope or belief that God would deliver what He promised! The news of Jesus arrival brought JOY unspeakable to their hearts and lives. It still can today. Our sins were paid for and we have freedom in our relationship with God.

Today, we wait for His second coming. Centuries have past and we are still waiting. Don’t grow weary, forget it, or get distracted! 

This Christmas Day we celebrate the long awaited Savior

As we Await His return!!

Celebrate both as you thank God for his unfathomable love and commitment to us. He did not give up nor forget us …

Keep waiting with expectant eyes and a joy filled heart!

VERY MERRY Christmas!


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