Here. You. Are. 2021!

Boy, do we have great hopes for you!!

We’ve been expecting you for so very long!!

After a difficult long hard year, your presence holds hope and expectation. 

Many of us possess scars and wounds from the battering of 2020. Hurts, disappointments, struggles, grieving, strangeness, coping, adapting, cloistering, have filled our year to overflowing. Breaking hearts.

The last year is the only I can remember where lesions and trauma are universal. I don’t know one person who hasn’t been touched. Each of us has our own tragic stories and pain resulting from the wake of 2020. We will never forget it. It will be with us till death. None of us want to relive it!

We so badly want to run as far away as we can; never to return to such a strange, unpredictable, unprecedented world!

Welcome, 2021! 

Crossing over to you may be the best divide we will ever walk over! Our hearts hope so!

Throw open the doors, shoot off the fireworks, honk the horns and herald the trumpeters!!!

We want to celebrate your arrival!

Clank the glasses, send out the cheers, dance till you drop, and revel in the old being past, look forward to the new!!

Of course a date on the calendar will never heal the world’s ills, but it is a milestone to be crossed and with it comes hopes for the future!

May 2021 be blessed by God’s extraordinary love and his unending care. His past sustaining provisions and sacrifices are enough for a lifetime. He is enough, even when our years turn topsy-turvy and land us in miserable circumstances.

Wishing each of you health and happiness this year!!