Let’s Do It …

A Grateful Heart is a Happy Heart!

Life teaches us so many lessons … constantly. Honestly, I don’t always want to learn what life wants to teach me. I’m a firm believer, if I stop learning, I stop growing. I stop progressing in every area of life. I hope I never do that, even when lessons are hard.

I also believe being grateful unleashes our hearts to be happy, satisfied, and content. I hope I always do that; take time to be grateful!

In that vein, I’m going to list my

“Top Ten Greats of 2020.”

It’s easy to find the difficulties, but for this day, let’s think about the positives.

Do it with me … write Ten GREAT Things that happened in 2020!

Here I Go …

1. My Trip to South Africa in January.

2. My last visit with my Mom in February.

3. “Zoom Easter” with family, including several solos.

4. Face Time to see those we couldn’t visit.

5. Phone calls to visit with those who don’t have Zoom or iPhones. Honestly, keeping in touch at all was so vital.

6. A Post Office gentleman, who before Covid helped me figure out a way to prepay/stamp large envelopes to send treats to my grandson. I just had to use a kitchen scale to keep them under weight. Don’t ask me why I did this, I just had an idea to stay connected with my grand in MI.

       Wow, these “Analopes” helped us get through isolation. I filled them, put them in the mailbox for the Mail Carrier. I videoed the mailing or a teaser to send so “D” could watch for his Mail. Then, I’d get a video back or a FaceTime watching him open it! Can you spell F.U.N.!

That kind Postman enabled us to all experience joy! I have told him so!

(By the way, we use the Marco Polo App for sending video messages. This is not a sponsored advertisement.)

7. The birth of our grandbaby, Justice, in June. And, getting to spend a week at his home, with the entire family. After the death of his brother, Sawyer, last year ….well, you can imagine how elated we all were to hold a baby in our arms!

8. The birth of our grandbaby, Marigold “Goldie”, in August. And, getting to spend a week at her home, with Mom and Dad! Our first granddaughter complete with dimples!

9. Celebrating my Dad’s 90th Birthday in September. Still independent and running the house solo.

10. Celebrating my grandson’s High School Graduation albeit it being a small family dinner. Woot, Woot! Way to go Josh!! Proud of you!!!

11. And so on and so on …..

Guess what?

I could keep going … Once you start, more and more come to mind and out of nowhere a long list appears! It does a heart good!

Do your heart some good … start this year off right!

Write your list.

I hope you’re surprised and blessed by what your heart remembers!


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