Not Yet …

Happy January 12th to all of you …

This is where I am today, maybe you are too …

I’m packing up my house and moving in a few short days.

I’ve known for about two years this was likely coming and honestly; I welcomed it for various reasons. But as the pieces have played out, I can’t even tell you how many unexpected things happened along the way!! Too many to recount in this post! It would be more like a book!

God has clearly led us to move and even given us a location, but we have not yet found a house!

So, as Ruth Chou Simons so aptly states:



(By the way, if you do not follow Ruth, she is a worthy follow. She speaks truth from the heart, and so very often touches me deeply!)

Yep, that’s us … living in the “Now and the Not Yet!

It probably makes little sense to most of the world that we would sell our house in a very optimum location and not have a plan for where we are going.

Well ….. see we have a plan, it’s just not complete with all the details. We know the region, just not all the other details one would like to have answered before they move … not yet!

We’ve come pretty close to having it figured out, but things changed or got thwarted. Despite that, we are moving along in faith, that God will make things clear in His timing.

Can I tell you … it is exercising our faith? It is!

No question about that. “Exercising” those things that build muscle, increase your health status and sometimes cause soreness and aches. We are walking out our faith in God’s directions, directives, and promise to provide and care for us, even when the roof over our head has no address and we experience some pains and twangs we’ve not known before.

God’s taking us places and asking us to trust His hand and heart and we are! Logically, it doesn’t make much sense, but spiritually it is doing as we committed … exercising our faith and trusting in God, not ourselves!

It’s easy to trust God when all the questions are answered. It’s another to trust him when you don’t know the next step in front of you. I’ve told my children many times, faith is like walking in the dark. We don’t see the road up ahead, but God shows us the next step!

We are on a journey, one where we get to practice faith, patience and trust AND have front row seats to watch God provide in the “Now and the Not Yet”.

Anybody else here or been here recently?

Share with us!

No worries, God’s current provision is some very dear friends opening up their home to us until … 

Here I am living between chapters!

Or maybe … God’s giving us a very unexpected chapter to journey through!! 

On To New Adventures,

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18 thoughts on “Not Yet …

  1. Elaine, I know God will provide for you and Jim the perfect house and perfect location where he wants you to be. God is Faithful and He has led you to a Church where I know you both will be serving Him in so many ways. Our prayers are with you and Jim as Jesus walks down this road with you.

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  2. Ahhhh Elaine, just patiently waiting on the Lord….. sometimes a hard thing to do in this world! I’m praying for you and Jim that the doors will open and you’ll find the perfect home for you.

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  3. You and Jim have always been faithful servants of the Lord; and you know He is always faithful. Can’t wait to hear how He works all this out for you. Love you two.

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  4. There is a word for this – “liminal” – it’s new to me, but it perfectly sums it up. Praying for your “liminal” space 🙂

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  5. This has got to be super uncomfortable! But, Oh, what great fun to live with friends for a bit and wait on the Lord. Soon, you will be declaring His mercies and miracles! You and Jim are always in my prayers. I wish you were staying with me!!♡
    Looking forward to the updates.

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