Click … I Did It!

I did it … I clicked “Join”!!

In this in-between world I’m living in (Not Yet), an email traveled into my box. It was from one of my favorite authors announcing a 4-week writing class! 

“Why Not!?!” “If ever I had time or space, it’s now!”

So, I clicked register and ventured into the virtual classroom for four weeks, complete with homework! It’s been so long since homework’s been on my radar. I wanted to take it seriously and learn, so I didn’t allow myself to discredit any assignment. Why sign up if you’re not going to participate? After all, learning was my goal! I wasn’t just after knowledge. I wanted to improve. I can’t improve if I’m not going to implement what I’m learning.

Have you ever done this, deciding knowledge would magically translate into implementation without trying?

I have! The knowledge was useless, I can’t remember any of it! If I’ve attempted to use the knowledge, it becomes more a part of my day to day living.

I can learn a lot of information, but incorporating it into my life takes practice and repetition. Or I forget!

I want to keep learning. I don’t want to finish the last decades of my life on cruise control. I’ve watched people do it. They think after ____# years, they know enough to stop learning. They finish life living everyday under the same umbrella of knowledge without striving to keep growing. 

Please don’t let me stop! There is a whole large world out there. I want to grow in knowledge and implementation as long as I live. I will never know enough or have practiced enough for my life to be satisfied or perfect. There’s always more to know and refine.

How about you? Are you striving to learn right now? How?

Turns out, the same teacher is now teaching a more involved lengthier version of the course for the next nine weeks. I’ve signed up for that one too! 

She’s taught writing at colleges and seminars around the world. This will be a fun challenge. I’m doing things I haven’t thought about since college … or never!!

I can’t promise I’ll write better here. The course is not about blog writing, which believe it or not, is a distinct style of writing. But I will strive to learn! I might post some homework here, if I get brave!!

Tell us how you’re continuing your personal growth!

If you need a cheerleader … Here I am!

Sign Up … Say “Yes!” … Reach outside of “normal” … Challenge Yourself! 

Tell me so I can Cheer for you!
Go Ahead … You Can Do It!

I’ll commiserate about home work 😉


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