A BIG Step, Hop, Skip, Jump, Dance, Cartwheel, Backflip, Scream, Shout, “TaDa”

Leap of Faith …

Almost two months … I’m still shocked and surprised … it’s been a long journey … 5+ years!

I thought I’d never get through all the info and make it something that made sense or was interesting. (Still to be decided!)

I did IT!
I finished the Rough Draft for a BOOK!!

Way over five years ago, I was approached about writing a book. A family who I didn’t really know asked me to write their family story. I declined the first time, already busy with other commitments. Years later, they approached me again; options fell through. This time, I felt God tug at my heart and urge me to agree.

Remember, I’ve never written a book before!!

I’d written Bible Studies, a newspaper column for 10 years, articles, short stories, but NEVER a BOOK! What a daunting task! I was and am in way over my head!

As happens, life happened along the way; graduations, weddings, births, deaths, moves, grandchildren, job changes, life changes, college, household additions/subtractions, etc. Everything that could happen happened in the 5 years since I started this journey! Every goal I set got moved, rearranged, refocused and revised. Nothing happened as I planned.

Can I just say … it felt Mon-U-Mental to handover the manuscript to the family the week of Christmas!!

I still can’t believe it and still receive reminders from my phone to work on the book. But, for now, my part is on hold. The family is reading it. Then, I’ll edit and edit some more.

The work is not over, but my part is at a momentary lull.

The search for a publisher seems far beyond and somewhat impossible. But, if a publisher does not pick the book up to publish, the family will self-publish, which I’ll be involved in. So, there is more work to do!

The family’s story is quite inspirational, miraculous, and endearing, which has kept my heart and head involved even when my fingers were silent. I’ve been living this story for 5 years! It’s flurried around my brain without ceasing. I might remember more of their stories than they do.

For right now, I am pinching myself that the main writing is complete!


Lots of prayer, thinking, writing and rewriting put order to the volumes of information I was handed. At times, a mere signature on a piece of paper kept me moving forward. Also, the family’s quiet acceptance of life’s interruptions took much needed pressure off of my productivity or lack thereof.

FYI … this blog results from writing this book. It doesn’t seem connected, but in ways it is.

If you have something you’ve been working on for a long time, a BIG project! I feel you!! I’ve walked that road and may be a little further down the path.


Don’t let time discourage you! Reset, revise, reorganize those goals as often as needed! If your heart set out to do it, keep at it! Chip away a fragment at a time. That’s how I did it! “A little” moves you forward!

Life WILL interfere, that’s just how it is! Don’t let it stop you, take baby steps if that’s all you can manage.

Accountability partners who ask how you’re doing once in a while are great assets! A spouse/partner whose on board and figuring out how you work best are keys to eventual success.

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Have you finished something that’s taken far longer than you ever dreamed?

Share it, so we can celebrate with you!!

Still in Shock,

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  1. Congratulations. Another local Christian author. When you get it published, autograph it and I will purchase and add it to our library inventory. You may not know but a couple of months ago our book collection was added to our website. You can search by author or title. You can find it on http://www.spotswood .org/library.

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