Forward, Up and Down

A “Spring” was in my step this week. 

Did you feel it too?

Warmer temperatures, sunshine, blooming, a little travel, hopeful visit, family, time change, spring cleaning … newness all around!

I normally lament winter’s passage because it is “my season.” But this week, Spring felt right, welcomed, bursting with fresh hope and possibilities!

This Week:

I rocked a newborn to sleep. Does it get any fresher than that? Oh my, all the feels of life, hope, gratitude and love in one tiny swaddled creation! I adore newborns “fresh from heaven”… nine months earlier God breathed them into existence. I believe He makes life. Somehow, newborns connect me to Him like a recent visit. He is at the core of this new life, and so I sense and feel Him near when a newborn is in my arms!

I traveled a state away to spend time with Dad and in the mix got to celebrate my brother’s birthday! We enjoyed completing some new tasks and swinging open windows and doors to let the spring-filled air circulate; replacing the stale, invigorating our senses. It’d been months since a window cracked, maybe 5 or 6. It was wonderful!

I watched on Facebook as friends got to visit parents living in Care facilities. For one year, they’ve had only window visits. This week, they got to touch, hug, kiss and visit with nothing between! I can’t tell you how happy that made me! Pure JOY getting to reconnect as humans! We speak to each other in physical contact, words alone aren’t sufficient to communicate all we feel. Human touch is sacred … God made us that way!

Clocks sprung forward. Ok, this part is hard. The older I get, the longer I take to adjust; me and preschoolers. Yet, it signals a change of seasons. “Light” hours change, shifting how we spend days. We’re outdoors more, freeing us from imposed winter house limitations.

I had a hopeful visit. My daughter and son-in-love came to celebrate his birthday. Of course, a visit from children, no matter the reason, is always hopeful, lovely, cherished and welcomed. This visit was different. I got to show them the house we hope to move to next month. Lord willing and everything checks out, we will have a new residence. We peered in all the windows, discussing house things. Then we settled on the deck for a snack picnic lunch while gazing at the lake. It was such a lovely feeling, dreaming of what may be, family occasions, placement of this and that, possibilities and life in a new location. It’s still surreal, but sharing it with them was blissful.

“The Committee” is planning a new shower for a union. This one is extremely special. It is the last of our children to marry! It is also one we’ve prayed for the longest. It is a HUGE answer to multitudes of prayers. It is a neon sign to us of God reaching through space and time orchestrating the answers to our pleading! I wish all of you could know, but it’s not my story to tell. Just hear me … God answered our prayers in dramatic real-life ways! If we hadn’t lived it, we may not believe it! We are honored and blessed to prepare for this celebration. I don’t care where you are, you may hear the shouts, hooping and hollering we make for this one!! And the dancing … world watch out we’ll be twisting/shouting/jumping up and down! Cue “Our Song” … Dancing Queen💗

I’m pretty sure you felt “Spring” this week too! 

Tell us how you experienced it!

P.S. If you don’t know what “The Committee” is, Click Here!

Bursting Into Spring,

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4 thoughts on “Forward, Up and Down

  1. Every word is so true, as we welcome spring and everything God has made and given us all so much joy and it His perfect timing, we are also blessed, and I love the committee girls and others who have prayed this special wedding coming up, it’s all God, and all our wonderful babies that have come they’re all special gifts from God everyone of them. God never fails us, you just have to keep believing and praying.🙏🏻💜

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  2. Elaine, you are so right, spring just brings to the heart SO many possibilities! God is good! Most of my students went on spring break this week, and I was able to enjoy the lovely daffodils that have opened up in my backyard. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up just a tad more before I plant more bulbs!

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