Wild One

This week was a “Wild One”!

“The Committee” hosted a “Wild One” shower.

“The Committee” if you don’t know, is five friends, whose families have been friends for over 30 years. We’ve literally raised our children together since preschool for our oldest and since birth for many. We used to celebrate our children’s birthdays, holidays and some vacations together. Now, we’ve included showering Brides, Weddings, and celebrating grandchildren! Our adult children have joined the crew and even older grandchildren (Thanks Regan!) have helped with festivities. It’s a rare blessing I am so grateful for!

By the way, we didn’t name ourselves “Th Committee”. Our adult children named us, tiring of always naming five people. It stuck and we claim it!

This week, we celebrated Baby Lyncoln coming in April!

His Mom decorated his nursery in Safari Animals emphasizing gold/green, thus our event theme. Since we had all traveled to South Africa together last year, we had lots of decor and ideas!

One of our memorable side trips in South Africa was to this little pottery. One of our members discovered the location from seeing a table set up in town. Next thing we knew, a full busload of people were stopping at this small storage shed shop. The husband and wife were overwhelmed. We carried boxes, bags and arm loads of merchandise out of there. I’m not sure we left much. Some brought empty suitcases, but I could spot some in airports carrying these purchases aboard our flights back to the states. It was our favorite memorabilia stop! After we boarded the bus to leave, the shop owners boarded the bus with crates and gave all of us free mugs, which you’ll see we used for this event! In fact, we used many serving pieces as well.

Most of you might have caught on that creativity is therapeutic for me. I created a few things for this event, with joy! Living “in-between” I had a little spare time and put it to creative use. I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of creativity gone wild.

We’re not sure if gathering was the prompt, since Covid denied us so much, or spring or just being together, but we were a loud bunch and the shower lasted longer than normal; it was a wild and delightful celebration!

We can’t wait to meet you precious Lyncoln!

What’s a fun shower theme you’ve been involved in?

Have you been creative lately? Post a Pic.

Have you gotten to any gatherings yet? What for?

Who’s the “Wild One” in your family?

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Celebrating LMM,

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  1. Bet the kettle corn was good too… Glad you all had a chance to grab a little piece of what used to be our normal.

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  2. You are very blessed to have a large group of long time friends to celebrate, encourage, support and even travel with! This shower was really adorable and your decorations and home were lovely. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!

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