What To Do…

Anybody else feel a little helpless when hearing the news lately? Maybe depressed too.

The events in Afghanistan have shaded our world in sorrow.

It’s heart wrenching to watch people running for their lives. Most of us have never been in this situation. God willing, we never will! Last I read, from the underground church in Afghanistan: borders were closed, the only flights out are private/military, Christians are heading to the hills to hide knowing the Taliban will kill them.

I cannot truly imagine the desperation, fear, and frenzied look I see in those faces. Danger alarms reverberate through my nervous system. How much danger must they feel to cause the reaction I see? Enough to send them into a very unsafe situation for the “wish” of finding a safe exit out of the country; WITH CHILDREN. 

Throngs immediately make me think trampling, squishing, mob mentality (which is never safe), out of control and life threatening. Yet, the Afghans are seeking safety amid absolute chaos! 

The stories and videos are heartbreaking!! Speechlessly heartbreaking!!!


If you are like me, you think, “What could I do?” I’m so removed from the situation. I know no one there. Yes, I’m sad and feel desperate for them, but have no concrete actions to take.

Believe it or not… there are very concrete actions we can take!

I did some research for all of us interested, if you’ve discovered other ways we can put our concerns into action, please add them to the comments for all of us to see!

#1 Offer Assistance

Lots of refugees will come through the Washington DC area and VA. There are several donation places. One with several options is Lutheran Social Services.

Lutheran Social Services Homepage: CLICK HERE

An Amazon Wishlist: CLICK HERE

Get Involved Link : CLICK HERE

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

In kind Donations: CLICK HERE

Organize a Group to Donate Welcome Home Boxes:  CLICK HERE


Let me suggest some ways to pray that maybe you haven’t considered.

Visit Crosswalk.com for prayers, scripture and specifics. Here are their five main categories to pray.

A. Prayer for the People of Afghanistan

B. A Prayer for the Troops and Their Loved Ones

C. A Prayer for the Leaders

D. A Prayer for Missionaries and Those from Other Countries

E. A Prayer for the Taliban

Visit Prayercast.com

Listen and Watch this prayer … Let it inspire and motivate your own!

I try not to point fingers and figure out politically what could have/should have. It is easy to go down that path. We are where we are, God sees and knows. I never want to be the one making these decisions. What a great load to bear!

I feel the need to respond to people in need with the love of Jesus; no explanations, no prerequisites, without judgement. I am urged to pray for my government and plead for God’s intervention.

Remember, as we see more Afghans in our midst: God has put us in unique times and places for a purpose. He loves every face we see on screens and photos, even those who vehemently defy His ways, act and dress differently, and claim another god as supreme.

Jesus’ love can reach through any and every circumstance. They have beating hearts just like us. God knows exactly how to draw His children to himself.

Be on the lookout: A new mission field is coming in waves to our neighborhoods.

Shaded in Sadness,

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