Project Is Afoot …

A Project is Afoot in My Backyard!

I thought it would be fun to bring you along for the ride!

Most of you know, we moved into a new home in April. I affectionately refer to it as our Lake Cottage. Sometimes, I add the word “tiny”. This house is 1/3 smaller than our last house, which was 1/3 smaller than the house before. We’ve down, down sized. It’s the smallest house we’ve owned! We lived in two apartments that were smaller, but that was the first two years of marriage… long, long ago, in a faraway land 🙂

This is a true story, not a fairy tale… I get carried away sometimes.

We have a spacious 1,300 square ft. Which is 1,000 sq. ft. smaller than the average single-family house in the US. (According to From my travels, I realize it’s size relative to the rest of the world is often grandiose. I love the open layout and the view. We have plenty of outdoor space which magnifies our living space. We have two good-sized bedrooms and two bathrooms which are a must!

When we discussed buying this home, it was being flipped from its 1972 original self. We knew it would all be new; a huge plus. We also loved all the choices made by the builder. We knew we would have to be creative with the space and lighten our load even more and care-take less. More time for living and less time attending to our possessions. Win. Win. After downsizing the last time, I knew it would be freeing, and it is. It will be even more when I’m done!

Per our HOA, we are allowed one outbuilding on our property. We got the biggest shed allowed without having to have building permits. In May, we settled on a 10’ x 20’ shed.

Here was the deal/compromise/decision we made. Half of the shed would be my husband’s “garage/shed” area and the other half would be my “She Shed”. Since there is no place for an office or an empty place for my hobby things in the house: I like to be creative/hand-make things as well as write. We will finish out my end and climatize it; an extra room. Maybe even host a guest or two. It will not have running water; we’ll be creative.

The plus is, my end faces the lake with two windows and a door. Because of our property’s slope, the “She Shed” will be several steps off the ground, leading to a deck/porch.

Here it is!

Currently, the electricity is being installed. By our outstanding handsome grandson, I might add. (All our grandsons are awesome and handsome;) AND we are soliciting bids for the interior finishing work.

Can I just say… this has been a slow process.… bum!

The building arrived in July, which was quick-tracked from some places we inquired. We were told 6-8 months just to get the shell delivered. Thankfully, we found a two month option instead. Getting the bids has been lengthy. I know we’ve all heard about the building industry right now being over run with work and short supplies. We know!

Hopefully, in the next week, we will have the estimates in from the builders who have come out and make a decision on who will do our work.

Honestly, I am wanting to move forward in a bad way. 

Did you ever get that “stuck” feeling?

Like … will this ever get done??

Me too!! Right NOW!

I’m giving myself a pep talk because there could be more waiting ahead. Eye roll!

The project is afoot and begun.  I’ll keep you updated as we move along, however slowly we crawl.

One day, we’ll get to the interior decorating/decor with all the finishing touches. Won’t that be fun!! My brain explodes with ideas!

Where do you feel “stuck” right now?

Stuckness is Real,

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