It’s Time …

The time has come to revisit the Summer goals I made back in May.

Self-Evaluation is not my strong suit. I’d rather just trudge forward, but I vowed this summer to do so, trying to aim at accomplishing.

If you missed my Goal Post, you can find it HERE!

Let’s go with Goal #1…  I Aim To … unpack all our household boxes, purge, and rid us of all the furniture and belongings that won’t fit in our new home!

Status Update: I DID NOT accomplish this goal! I made progress, but did not get nearly as far as I wanted. One of the major obstacles was the Project I told you about Here. Without my “She Shed” completed, there are lots of boxes I can’t empty! Oi Vey! 

Truth be told, I had more fun working on some other goals and got to work on them more than I thought!

This goal will roll over into Fall. I’ll keep pounding away at it, till it is a thing of the past! Can’t wait for that day!!

Goal #2… I Aim To … try kayaking on the lake!

Status Update: I DID IT! 


I accomplished this goal. I have a picture to prove it… trust me, it is not ready for the masses😁 My husband is a witness; we kayaked on my first voyage.

I got into the kayak okay. No tipping over, although my husband put me in the sturdiest kayak we own. I haven’t mastered my paddling yet. My kayak enjoyed going in circles!! My natural inclinations were not in sync with going straight…. Practice required!

I didn’t hate it. I’ll do it again! I had a couple deterrents from doing more this summer. But, I’m up for more.

My greatest fear has been toppling over and not being able to get back in the boat, which I am sure I wouldn’t be able to do. So, I came to a realization. Since we paddle close to shore, inside of the motor boat buoys, if I fall out, I’ll swim to the closest dock and let my husband worry about the boat. Simple.

Conquer your fears… make a plan! Or in this case, let someone else worry about it!! 😂

Goal #3… I Aim To … spend some time with my Grand Babes. 

Status Update: My Favorite Goal…. Accomplished with so much JOY!

I got to see all three littles, three times this summer. It’s never enough, but boy is it sweet!! Of course, along with the grand babes, comes my babes and in-loves, which is a multiplied blessing!

Both our babies turned ONE!! (Bittersweet) They are trying their best to walk. Climbing is a strong-suit, just like their Dads. They both have said my name “Zee Zee” in recent days!! Yayyyyy! Happy Mumzee over here!

I just can’t get enough of their sweet-selves!

Our oldest little started Kindergarten … cue the crying track!!

Just how does it go so quickly?? He is a treasured little guy. We’ve enjoyed every stage! Not sure we are ready to share him with the world, but he sure is ready to explore it! He’s very academic: school will thrill him. He knows so much already; teaching and challenging himself. We all watch in amazement!!

Did I also tell you, he is not only handsome, but has the sweetest heart? He cares deeply and is so thoughtful. When he reveals his thoughts, they are light years ahead of our expectations! 

Watch out World!

Goal #4… I Aim To … walk more! 

Status Update: FAIL! 

Plain and simple, I didn’t walk more!! 

Lots of reasons that sound like excuses… Ughhh… why did I make this goal!! (Head in hands)

This is a never-ending goal!

Do you have one goal that just seems impossible to conquer?

Goal #5… I Aim To … Host at least a few Lake parties! 

Status Update: Check!! Done!!

We had a couple dinner, luncheons this summer with dear friends. Even weekend guests. They didn’t care that everything wasn’t finished. Or that the walkway to the dock is laden with stumps. Or that my hostess style was “winging it” with what I’ve unboxed!! We loved welcoming our friends into our new home and lake life.

I had hoped for a few more gatherings, but our list will roll on!

Check up Summary: 3 goals accomplished, 1 goal worked on, 1 goal with good intentions, but little results!

That’s how it went… cross my heart, told the truth!!

How about you? Any goals accomplished? Any fails?

It’s never too late to start or reevaluate! 

Progress is a Win,

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