Do you see what’s staring at us?

Barreling down the pike.

The end of this week.

It’s almost here …


Shaking my head and pinching myself …

Summer is Officially here …


Ok, so I know summer doesn’t begin till later in June, but summer for me, since childhood, has been defined as Memorial Day to Labor Day! I can’t change my mindset, that’s the way it is.

And … if you ever lived in Maryland, as I did growing-up, you know what that means … lots and lots of Bay Bridge traffic getting to Ocean City. The traffic is horrendous. I recall spending hours sitting/baking in the car because we had to turn the AC off! These days I try to skirt the bridge traffic as much as humanly possible, but Memorial Day always calls up the memories.

I suppose it could be because I’ve recently hit a new decade or life situations have reminded me, life passes quickly. I’ve lived longer than I have left. Ever wanting to be intentional, but some days missing the mark, I’ve decided to write some goals for this summer.

Yikes, I know what it means if I write them down and share them with a throng of people … I’m going to be more accountable. Some of you, dear ones, will ask me about them! But, it’s better to plan and not quite accomplish than never plan and for sure not accomplish!

I want to live every day, not just pass through them or mark off a calendar.


Here are are my OFFICIAL goals for Summer of 2021:

  1. I Aim To … unpack all our household boxes, purge, and rid us of all the furniture and belongings that won’t fit in our new home!

In one month since our move, I’ve made progress, but Wow … there is still a lot to tackle. I am not willing to let this drag on any longer than September!

To some of you that may seem like a very long time, but I assure you, more doesn’t fit in our house than does! Just selling furniture is enough to overload me!

2. I Aim To … try kayaking on the lake!

You should hear a laugh track right now!

Yikes!! This could be the most hilarious adventure yet!! Or the most frustrating! I’ve vowed to myself, now that we live on a lake, surely we can find a time when no one is around to watch the comedic scene. (Or pitiful)

I envision myself tipping over and not being able to get back in. So, we’ll start at a neighborhood beach so I can swim to shore. I’ve canoed before, but kayaks look more vulnerable to me! Till this point my husband has done a lot of white water kayaking and there is no way I could imagine trying in moving water; I’d be way down river before the kayak!! No doubt!!

I will fill you in without pictures!!
Believe me … words will be enough!

3. I Aim To … spend some time with my Grand Babes.

All three of them have birthdays in the summer and Zee Zee wants to celebrate!! Our oldest will be 5 starting Kindergarten in Sept.!! And our two babies will both turn 1!!

The thought of spending time with them just fills my heart with JOY; full to overflowing!!

4. I Aim To … walk more!

I’d like to get to a consistent 3 times a week. I vacillate so much; some weeks more, some less, some none. I know myself; I become a hermit in humidity. I’ve told you before, it’s my nemesis! I want to melt and surrender when it’s hot and humid.

Here I go trying … Again!

5. I Aim To … host at least a few Lake parties!

My house needs to be a bit more functional first, but it’s my goal! Our property won’t be the way we want it for a while, but I don’t want that to stop us from enjoying it and sharing it!

Those are my big 5!

 Anybody else want to share a Summer Goal?

Sometimes, just writing a sentence logs it into your brain and starts the process!

I’ll report back along the way, but definitely in September and share a goal evaluation. Okay, that makes us cringe. “A Goal Evaluation” who wants that!

Here’s the thing, I am the one who evaluates ME! I don’t evaluate you or anyone else. So I get to decide the outcome. Being honest with myself is helpful even if the results were not 100% accomplished. It’s not failure, it’s a simple checkup! Where am I and how can I change my goals to accomplish what I wish?

Evaluations aren’t to be feared, they give information for moving forward. That’s what I wish for … to move forward! Not stay in the same place or, goodness knows, move backward!

Who wants to join me?

Write a simple goal in the comments. It will be official … you have a summer goal to work toward!

Way to Go … You’re moving forward!!

Anybody have a memory Memorial Day evokes?

Official in black and white,

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10 thoughts on “OFFICIAL!

  1. I hope to be able to see more of my family. I love walking but outside can’t happen with pollen and humidity because of my allergies and sinus infections but inside walking will do when outside doesn’t work. I hope to get more done around the house. Happy for you and Jim and your new location! I know you will enjoy!

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  2. Enjoyed your blog! What lake are you on? Is it Lake Anna? Sounds like so much fun. Miss you at Spotswood. Cyndi Steele

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  3. Congratulations on your new home! We’re moving this weekend so one of my summer goals is to unpack as much as I can. Another one is to get all the closets painted and fix up the side porch so it’s nice and cozy. There’s so much to do! Good luck with your summer goals and in your new home!

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