I went Missing in Action last week!
I was “in action”, just missing in this space.

Two weeks ago I shared my Top Five Goals for Summer.

Out of no where … I got to work on one of those goals for five days!

It took me by surprise, but between you and me, it’s my favorite goal!😉

Goal # 3 … I Aim To … spend some time with my Grand Babes. 

Much to my surprise … I mean whole body shock, clutching my head, tears rolling down my face, jumping up and down, heart pounding surprise!!! It was glorious!

My son, his wife and my nine-month-old granddaughter, Goldie, showed up and surprised us for our Anniversary. To top that … they stayed five wonderful memorable days!!! My Momma/ZeeZee heart skipped beats and filled to overflowing!

This was their first visit to our new home and Goldie’s first visit to Papa & ZeeZee’s house! One of many, I pray.

Let the Fun Times Roll!

My daughter and her husband came too with lots of food and celebrating planned for our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

Let’s stop there … 40 YEARS … excuse me, when did I get this old?

The years have flown by with enough memories to fill the days, but boy, how did those days add to this many years? It seems impossible. When I was young, years lasted a long time. Now, I clutch them to slow down and linger.

Busyness eats days and steals awareness of their passing. I wish I had learned younger to capture time better. Maybe that’s something I’ll never accomplish well. I keep trying though!

We had a wonderful long weekend celebrating! Even the family members not able to be here did their best to honor us! We had some fun “Zoom-Time” and digital game play.

Back to My Goal …

I labored and worked with all my might to enjoy my “Goldie” time. It was pure joy, not work that depletes you, but the kind that fills you up, overflows and keeps lingering.

Not being the primary food maker, my daughter and SIL took charge, gave me lots of extra time to enjoy everyone. That is an awesome gift to this Momma. Believe me, you’d rather have my SIL’s cooking any day of the week. Cooking is his “Top Chef” hobby; we are the beneficiaries …Thank you Jesus! He’s gifted in many ways, but his culinary pursuits wins rave reviews! My daughter; self appointed sous chef.

Even with some rain and colder temps, we relished every minute. We got some sun time, boat rides, swinging, playground, kiddie pool action in. We … sang lots of songs, ate yummy food, made funny faces, read books, blew bubbles, built towers and knocked them down, relished snuggles and kisses.

This is what ZeeZee dreams are made of …. lots of family time and grand-baby lovin’!

Five heavenly days of family under roof … priceless!

I’d have to surmise my goal has been worked on more than I imagined. I had no idea I’d get a surprise visit. I welcome any and all opportunities to work on this goal!! There are a few on the calendar and I look forward to ALL of them and any not currently scheduled!

Anybody else get a surprise over the Memorial Day weekend?
Tell us about it!

Anybody get to work on a Summer Goal?
Fill us in.

I realize not everyone has happy times with their families. My heart goes out to you! None of us have “social-media-perfect” relationships! We all have imperfections and carry those into our families/relationships and are incapable of loving perfectly. I pray everyone has found one or two people to share life with in loving and caring ways even through your/their imperfections.

Cheers to working on goals and “Goldie” Days … Que Golden Girls theme song.

Gratefully Lived Some “Goldie” Days,

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      1. Oh, Elaine, I’m so happy for you. Time with children and grandbabies, no matter how old (mine are 14 and 12 now), is precious! Congratulations to you and Jim on 40 years of marriage. That is quite a milestone. Hope you’re happy in your new home and that you enjoy working toward all your summer goals!

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  1. How wonderful! Sweet memories always with grandchildren – and surprise visits truly the best! Congratulations to you & Jim on your 40-years!💕

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