Have We Talked About This?

I don’t think we have!

 My current situation brings it to light, and I thought it was time we discussed this, take a poll and find out where our blog framily stands.

What is YOUR Favorite Sport to watch on TV, if any?

Come On … Weigh In!

Tell us your favorite TV sport to watch in the comments. I’ll tally our entries and report back! Just a little summer fun to see how far our preferences reach and how many of us watch the same thing!

My favorite, by far, is TENNIS!

I grew up in a home that loved sports; football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, horse races, golf, tennis … year round! TV was a lot different growing up, all sports weren’t televised; we watched the big ones. We also attended sports. We went to Professional Baseball; Washington Senators and Baltimore Orioles occasionally. My brothers played baseball when I was young. In high school, they both played soccer and baseball, my younger brother adding hockey and my older adding golf.

Dad, as a professor at the University of Maryland, got to purchase season tickets for sporting events at the collegiate level. We always had football and basketball tickets. We went to many games!

My Mom loved basketball! She played in high school and was a vocally enthusiastic observer; in person, and in front of the TV! Sometimes as teenagers, we got embarrassed when Mom vocalized her objections to the referees. She was intense. I recall her offering the use of her glasses on more than one occasion.

Her favorite job was in the Sports Information Office at the University of Maryland. Being in the center of sports at a large University hit her sweet spot. She knew all the players’ names and stats, dealt with the press and assisted the media involved with the sports program. Some “sports perks” came with the job, which all of us enjoyed, but she enjoyed them most.

Lots of sports surrounded my young years. I took some lessons, played casually, but never felt like an athletic person. I was gifted with flat feet at birth and running was never natural or comfortable even with inserts and “special shoes”; boy were they attractive. (Eye roll)

Then came my children! The boys … tried a few sports, both landed on soccer early on. They would have loved hockey, both are avid fans. (Go Caps) But, our town did not have an ice rink. Fortunately, we found a Roller Hockey league. They both enjoyed it into High School! My second son played High School soccer, but gave it up and switched to tennis. He was always tall and so naturally played goalie. He realized it caused him a lot of stress; more stress than fun. He came home and announced I’m going to play tennis! We were shocked but happy to switch with him!

For never playing, he picked it up quickly and had a 3 year successful tennis career. He was a little loud for a tennis court … part of soccer came with him. His coach was constantly telling him to lower his voice; I still hear … “Stone be quiet!” Good times! (Hehe)

My daughter loved gymnastics. From age 3 till after her freshman year in High School, she competed. She watched her brother playing tennis and decided she wanted to play that sport, too. She started lessons in middle school and her goal was to make the High School team. In two years, she grew 8 inches, making gymnastics a real challenge. At 5’10”, she switched permanently to tennis, ending her gymnastics career. I remember her saying, “I can play tennis the rest of my life, but I can’t take part in gymnastics that long.” Very true and as much as the gym was part of our routine, we took up life on the courts and court-side.

Olivia focused on her tennis, taking lessons and putting in hours on the courts. That’s really the only way you get good at tennis. Time and persistence, which she learned admirably in gymnastics. I spent hours learning the game while she practiced. It’s a confusing game to understand, so the learning curve was high. My inadequate usage of terms and lack of proper scoring constantly frustrated her. The bounce and “pop” of the ball was a background hum for lots and lots of hours; they worked their way into a relaxing, meditative song to my ears. To this day …tennis relaxes me! Not as much when she is playing though! I try to assist her from my chair … hahaha!

She found success (among lots of losses) in tennis and had the awesome experience of playing at the collegiate level! For eleven years, I sat beside the courts. Wholehearted focus … loving it! Tennis holds a special place in my heart.

Liv taught tennis camps every summer in High School and College. After college, she interned for the USTA in their media department (her major) for the summer. That opportunity snagged us some Pro tickets. Even now, at 30, she plays tennis one or two days a week; still loves the game.

I’ve lumbered on to the courts a bit. I think I should be able to play. I’ve listened to hundreds of coaching hours. Knowing it and doing it are two different things! It’s fun to try … not so much for the person on the other side of the net! (They retrieve wild balls a lot!)

FYI: My niece also played tennis at Georgetown University and my nephew played golf at UVA: sports run pretty deep in our family.

I don’t watch all the matches on TV, but the big majors are favorites for me. Right now, the French Open is happening, thus the inspiration for this question!!




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14 thoughts on “Have We Talked About This?

  1. Basketball by far is my favorite sport! Fun fact, My Jr/Sr year we played in the Cole Field House for holiday tournaments!

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  2. College football – Alabama is my team – watch them, Georgia and JMU. The guys in the family like football and Nascar – My second son played on little league football one year. My grandson plays football (quarterback) and has won a 4 year college scholarship.

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  3. I grew up watching the Baltimore Orioles play baseball with my dad. We lived in Baltimore until I was 4 years old and we would go back once a year to watch a game at the stadium. Great memories!

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  4. My favorite sport to watch on TV or in person is basketball. After watching Katy play for 15 years it kind of grew on me. I think your mom had a cool job!

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