Easy Peasy …

A year and a half ago, while having two teenagers under roof, I discovered a new style of cooking. It has saved a lot of effort; preparing meals with less brain strain and time!


If you know, YOU know!

If you don’t …. this could change your world!!!

Sheet Pan Dinners have everything on one (or two) pans and bake in the oven giving the chef time for other pursuits while waiting. Sometimes I add a salad or dump some rice in the rice cooker. It’s a win win!

Now that we are once again a two member household, I still love to cook this way! It’s easy, efficient and as unique as the contents of my refrigerator!

Pinterest has an unending supply of recipes! Spend a few minutes searching and make a folder in your account! Then add them to your weekly rotation … you’ll understand!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I served this one with rice for the WIN!


Chicken is a staple for us and this was delish!


Great for hearty eaters, simple eaters and Mexican night … use chicken, beef, beans … whatever!

Fajitas … “Yes! Please!” With tortillas or on a salad …


I like turkey kielbasa … low in fat! This is a great veggie mix…


A little crusted action here …


Once you get the concept, you’ll create your own “Pan” dinner recipes in a snap!

It’s so simple.

Why didn’t I discover this sooner? 

Have you made Sheet Pan Dinners? If so, let us know your favorite!

Cooking often takes more time and energy than I wish. These meals feel like I’m cheating but offering a healthy (depending on what you put on them) attractive and yummy option! I also love roasted vegetables which these supply.

Let me know how it goes if you try one!

Share an alternative cooking style that suits you!


Thank you to those who took part in our favorite sport to watch on TV poll!


I will say we had a wide range of responses. You guys surprised me!! Our list went from Bball/football to NASCAR, Hunting and Professional Bull Riding, as well as soccer, baseball and tennis! I wouldn’t have guessed some of those in a million years! Variety is the spice of life … I love it!!!

Pans for life,

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