“Play” From The Book

Goal #3 is killing it this summer!

The last visit was a surprise.
This one planned and greatly anticipated!

My “Grand Boys” were in the house! 

It was so, so, so good, glorious, wonderful … heavenly!!

I thought I’d share a “Play” out of my “Zee Zee” (short for Mumzee) Playbook!

I have made these for my 4 1/2 yr old grandson for a few years. I think about age 2 was the first time. He loves them: making the effort worthwhile. He’s played with them for years. I’ve replaced the dough occasionally. 

“Play-Doh Kits!”

A Construction Kit one was my first! I added a Penguin one; his favorite zoo exhibit. I’ve done an Outer Space kit (He wants to go to Astronaut College!), Robot kit, and Christmas kit! They’re all at his house😉

For this visit, I put together a Beach Kit and am keeping it at the Lake for all the Grands, when they’re old enough. The night we had a sleepover with “D”, I put it on the table before I went to bed; knowing Papa would do the early morning. It worked great, he went right to it and got busy creating.

He LOVES his Playdoh Kits.

Hint #1:

Make your own Playdoh.

It’s really simple and lasts so much longer! Months in an airtight container. It’s also easier to use, much softer.

Click Here for a recipe!

For the beach kit, I added sand (from the craft section at the Dollar Tree).

Hint #2:

Play with it on a tray!

Find a big tray with edges and have them play with it there, especially if they are young. It gives boundaries and they can build up easier.

Hint #3:

Search Pinterest for Ideas!

Hint #4:

Look for different ideas from all the kits.
Combine the ones you think your babe would like most.

Hint #5:

Get a plastic container with sections for the different pieces and one larger section for the dough. (I put the dough in a Ziploc, too.)

This helps keep pieces together and makes creativity easier. If you can’t find a sectioned sealed container, buy small containers for pieces and fit them all into one box!

“Lil J” isn’t old enough for Playdoh yet, but they’ll be waiting for him in another year! He enjoyed the kiddie pool with balls, boats, fish, and pouring cups.

EXTRA HINT: An old fashion punching balloon/ball is always a hit! (The little ones just bat them around and crawl after them 😉 They also mail well in an envelope. You can buy 3 for $1 at the Dollar Tree. We’ve been through lots: I try to always have some in my “Zee Zee stash”.

Gleefully Punishing Goal #3,

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  1. Our granddaughter will be visiting us at the end of summer. Going to use your play dough kits idea. Can’t wait for the fun to start! Thank you so much for sharing!

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