Oh, there are always issues! Big, small and in between… always!

We moved one month ago. You’d think by now we’d be unpacked, organized and functioning with new systems and rhythms. You’d think!

When we packed up, we didn’t know what house we were moving to. Everything got quickly wrapped and boxed with little time for purging or considering.

After a three-month stay with friends, our new house was purchased and guess what … we downsized!

Now, I unpack everything under a microscope of usefulness/keep. If I do keep it, where will it live? Is it worth the real estate its footprint requires? If I keep it, when everything is opened, will it remain or be tossed for a more useful/beloved piece causing everything to shift and be reorganized? I haven’t even tried to keep up with how many times some cabinets have been rearranged already!

I haven’t been to our storage location for several weeks, but my husband tells me, “it’s still overwhelming!” Oh, I needed to know that!

The lack of a fully functioning household is presenting issues!

Issue #1 … Taxes were due yesterday!

Yes, I did my taxes on paper in March, but when the extension was given, I put them away and thought I’d file at the new house (insert sheepish smile). We didn’t have a printer, and I am used to printing the forms off and sending in paper forms. I hadn’t switched to online because my system was working. (Another sheepish smile)

Issue #2 … My calendar is lacking!

Every day is the same. UNPACK.

My husband brings a pickup truckload at a time. I’ve not written on my calendar in over a month now. I have used my phone calendar for appointments.

So, in my pea brain, I thought the tax extension was June 1st. Haha jokes on me.

Nope, I realized Friday, it was yesterday, May 17th.

I might ask why the 17th … why not the 15th like the April deadline we’ve had for time and eternity or the first of a month like last year!! Who am I to question or try to make sense of a world dominating government!?! Oh Vey!! Let’s just pick a number to confuse everyone …. Got Me! Hope they’re happy🙄

Issue #3 … We haven’t uncovered our printer!

Where oh where has my printer gone??

Don’t know! When we discover it, we’ll know!

Bless his heart, my husband, trying to be helpful and relieve some stress suggested, “I’ll go to the Post Office or Library and pick up the forms you need.”

Me with pitiful grin : “Honey, they don’t do that anymore! You can’t find tax forms at the Post Office … for at least ten years, probably 20! You have to go online and print them from there if you want them!” I got a funny stare!

Can you guess who does the taxes in our house?

Issue #4 … Filing Taxes online seemed … like … easy!


I already had my taxes done, surely I can just put the numbers on the right line!


The online taxes look nothing like the 1040 form! No line numbers! Just questions! I’m left to decipher which line number corresponds to the questions … Lord, help me! This was very unfamiliar territory! It took way more brain power than simply copying from page to computer. My energy was waning and my eyes glossing over!!

Hours later I got to the end … My calculations were spot on!!

Woot Woot!

Oh …. but wait … thou do celebratest too fast …

Issue #5 … PIN numbers!

What are they talking about? Where might these invisible numbers be hiding?

I DON’T have PIN numbers from the IRS cause guess what …. I’ve never filed online before!!

Oh Good Grief!! You’re NOT done, even when you are done!! (Feeling dizzy from the vicious circle)

They can’t file it, won’t accept it. Verify unknown numbers!

Request this! Apply for that!!


More information, this, that, the other! I just wanted to bury my head in the sand and pretend this wasn’t a real thing! I was at the end of my rope hours ago!

I finnnaaallllyyyy came to a “Submit” button!


Pause for much needed Night’s sleep, drifting off to feelings of conquering a beast!

Yesterday awoke to an “Unaccepted Submission” notice!!!

Helpppppp … Somebody Save Me!
(Head in hands)

Issue #6 … Unknown Info!

Yep, something was wrong!

Try this! Nope!

Try again! Nope!

Pull your hair out! Yep!

Pretend the IRS makes sense! Nope!

Pray!!! YEP!!!

Got ready to apply for an extension!! (Never did that before either) Yep!

Mad dash through paperwork (most of which is still packed)!! YEP!!

Guessed at things!!! YEP!!!

Submit Again!!!


“FILING COMPLETE!” … appeared in my email!!

HAPPY DANCE!!! Praise God … the Giver and Sustainer of life!! 

I lived through filing online which sounded so easy; in actuality was a whole new animal to wrestle!

Issue #7 … Boxes are my life!

This too shall pass … looking forward to that!


New Issues!

Thankful for breath, hope, and strength to face new Issues! (And boxes)

Let’s not repeat these same ones again …. please!!
(She entreats God in earnest prayer!)


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  1. Elaine that was the BEST! I have had an issue-filled life in the past month too! It’s so nice to have someone show me how I can laugh about it all! Hugs to you! I’ll be praying for your “unpacking/sorting/keeping/not-keeping season” 🙂

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