Instantly …

Instantaneously, I was transported!

Out of nowhere and remarkably unexpected, everything in me relived the moments gone decades ago!

Our dear friends invited us to The Beach Boys concert. It sounded like fun, especially given the skybox and friends that accompanied the event! Fortunately, we could accept the offer. I refused to succumb to Hawaiian shirts with flowers, so I dressed like my teen years, which was the first and only other time I saw The Beach Boys in concert… I sashayed denim!

Photo credit: Joy Moeller

With a little skip in our steps, we met our friends and headed out for some retro fun!

There is only one original member with this tour, Mike Love. He is 80!! Okay, so his voice wasn’t prime, but he used it for two hours and stood up there moving and grooving for just as long! Bravo!! Amazing!!

When we arrived, they had decked the suite with Beach themed decor complete with photo backdrop, beach balls, leis, fringed door, and surfboard poster.

I knew I could recall a few “Beach Boy” songs, but didn’t realize I would know about 80% of what they sang. Lyrics came tumbling back into my memory and onto my lips like old friends popping out of surprise boxes; firecrackers going off!

My feet were tapping and body moving to beats familiar long ago. I even jumped up a few times and did my best “surf dancing” and even added a few “hold your nose, jump in the water” moves. Some girlfriends joined me or I joined them. My husband indulged me.

Then, out of nowhere, deep in the second part of the concert… a chord played… I had forgotten this was their song!! I hadn’t heard it in decades, but knew every word.

It literally transported me to a bedroom in PA as a middle schooler.

They were my parent’s best friends. Their oldest daughter was a few years older than my sister and I. I was the youngest of the trio, my sister in between. When I was in middle school, Jeannie was in High. She was the coolest: cheerleader, boyfriends, fashion, etc., like an admired older cousin.

Imagine a teenage bedroom, lights off, a 45rpm record player, a Beach Boy 45 record, a flashlight, and teen girls. Two girls on the bed, one girl on the “stage” opposite the bed, lights off, flashlight on and “Sloop John B” spinning and blaring! Yep, we each did improvised flashlight dances to the whole song. We took turns each creating moves and grooves. We were ultra cool; trendsetters!😉 We clapped for each other taking multiple turns before we collapsed on the bed, resorting to the latest boy/teen stories.

This was not a one time occurrence… we did it many, many times, the lyrics burning into my hard file… always ”Sloop John B.”

When those notes started, I grabbed my phone and started recording for about 30 seconds. When the song ended, I shot the video off to my sister and said “Remember this?” I knew she would know!

Her quick text back: “Flashlight Dances at the Godfrey’s! 🤣🤣🤣”

EXACTLY… it transported us both to the same place on the third note. It didn’t just take me to a place. It made me feel it again: a middle school girl, lights out, flashlights on, record playing! I wish I had thought to bring a flashlight. I could have surprised my friends with my flashlight dancing prowess! 😂😂😂

Isn’t it amazing how our minds do that! Especially with songs!!

Oh my goodness, it was the highlight of the night for me, so absolutely unexpected and unpredictable! I hadn’t thought of those times for decades upon decades. No one else knew what I was experiencing! My sister and I shared it completely even though we were states away! I love that!

It was ALL fun; new memories were made!

I especially loved how we threw beach balls out of our box to the seats below and beside us. That was a thing at concerts. Not sure it still is, but we were the only people at this concert initiating it. Thanks to our decorating crew who included beach balls!!

What was your fav “Beach Boy” song?

What song brings back vivid memories?

Did anyone else do flashlight dances?

What concert did you attend as a teen?

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Surfs Up,

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  1. The first concert I ever went to I was in elementary school. My dad took me to see Donny Osmond. We drove a couple hours to the Ohio state fair.💜

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