Stockings Were Hung …

I love filling Christmas stockings!

I’m not sure how it began. I don’t recall having Christmas stockings growing up. We had chimneys but stockings didn’t hang there. I have a hunch it just wasn’t part of my family’s German traditions. I don’t recall seeing my cousins have them, either. Have I mentioned I have close to 50 cousins? They covered a large sampling of our small town.

We opened presents on Christmas Eve after church… Santa came while we were gone. I guess someone had to be an early stop for him to make it around the world. It was US: we were the early birds he came to first!

Christmas morning, there may have been a few small gifts on our kitchen chair, but not always. I have a prominent memory of finding a Carpenter’s Album waiting on Christmas morning… I still listen to them!!

I don’t know when my fascination/love for them grew, but it did. Maybe it was after we moved to metro DC when I was six. I may have encountered different traditions in homes or heard friends talking about them. I’m not sure, but that would make sense.

So, as a Mom, I included stockings in my holiday preparations. Honestly, I enjoy finding fun things that are unexpected but will light up faces and bring small bits of happiness: ” little happies.” I don’t go overboard and don’t have large stockings: a modest amount can still be tons of fun.

At this point in December, if you haven’t finished shopping, a desire to “finish” is building. Goodness knows we can’t rely on finding things on shelves these days. Shopping in stores can be a huge time waster, although I still try some.

I’d love to help you, if your stockings are lacking this year. By the way, I wrap stocking gifts too… I like surprises!

I would love to stuff some more stockings…

General & Specific Ideas


1. Teethers

2. Mittens

3. Winter or Sun Hat

4. Bath Toy… LOVE THESE

5. Little People (age appropriate)

Like These or …

6. Magic towels from $Tree (They are washcloths😉

7. Socks … fuzzies, funny, slipper, etc.

8. Bubbles for bath or outside

9. Small stuffed animal

10. PJs (roll the pieces and wrap/rubber)

Toddlers – Elementary

1. Any of the above, age appropriate

2. Small book, here’s a good one …

3. Card game… I found this one, I remember it in game form and my kids loved it, now it’s more travel/space friendly.

4. Art supplies – markers, crayons, dot markers, chalk, small paint project ($Tree has many), reusable art like this one

Color them, wash them, dry, repeat!

5. Manipulative Puzzle …. This one is great!

6. Cars (again $Tree has Hot Wheels)

7. Lip Balm… check these out …

8. Flashlight

9. A character T-shirt (pick their fav)

10. A magazine subscription like National Geographic’s for Kids, etc.

Middle School/ High School

1. Gift card (video game, music, fav store, restaurant, etc.)

2. Hat/ gloves, scarf

4. Make-Up

3. Cologne/Perfume

5. Hair accessories/socks

6. Books

7. Tickets to have an experience with you

8. Jewelry

9. Travel game… this one has great ratings

10. Phone case, strap, accessories (Pop-It, photo light, etc.)

Most of these can be adapted to adults as well. I rarely put candy in stockings, maybe a seasonal lollipop. We get enough sweet stuff and normally in December I’m throwing out Halloween candy that never got eaten.

There are a million other choices. Maybe these will spark getting started or finished!

Tis the season of giving … I certainly enjoy the giving.

How about you?

Stockings or NO Stockings?

Doing it, done, don’t do stockings?

Favorite stocking surprise you got or gave?

For me, the giving is all about reflecting and celebrating the gift God gave us that first Christmas morning, a baby in Bethlehem. I give because He gave. My gifts are temporary … the gift of Jesus is eternal. Mine is pale and insignificant in comparison, but a glimpse of momentary joy on the faces I love is so rewarding. I can only imagine how God feels when he glimpses the joy on our faces when we appreciate His gift to us … Jesus, my Savior!

Filling Stockings,

3 thoughts on “Stockings Were Hung …

  1. Hi Elaine! Yes, stockings are part of the Young family tradition. Great grandma, Nana, quilted each boy one before their first Christmas. She didn’t make the top opening very large which restricts Santa from filling it with larger things. The items which the boys anticipate each year include, Lindt chocolate miniature Santa and reindeer, a bracelet/necklace, brush, toothbrush, and some gum!

    Thank you for continuing to share your voice despite your illness.
    Prayers, and warmest wishes to your family.

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  2. Stockings weren’t a thing for our family when I was growing up. But we do them in our family now. We put a variety of goodies in them from shaving products, makeup, socks, undies, candy, jewelry, etc. and always a Russell stover Santa .🎅🏼 I’ll never be to old for a stocking😉

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