A New Christmas Thing …

SO …

I did a Christmas thing last week I’ve never done before, but have always been interested. I had no expectations: it was intimidating. I proceeded with the idea of fun, not a grand and glorious outcome.

This is what I did…


I am not a baker. It’s my weaker kitchen skill!! I don’t always trust my baking efforts. I have baked tons of Christmas cookies in my days. Many kinds and multiple batches used to fill large Christmas tins in our pantry. Gradually, as our kids grew and left the nest, baking reduced to just our favorites. Eventually, everyone had the SAME favorite! I now make that favorite in double digit dozens and give to everyone!! I’ll share that favorite at the end, today.

Our community offered a cookie decorating class one evening for the price of $5, we got to decorate and take home a dozen cookies! No baking involved. The instructor made the cookies. That’s a win already. I’ve tried lots of sugar cookie recipes over the years and they are not all equal!!! Having a baker who sells her cookies bake for me, sounded like a full proof no-mess plan!

We gathered at the clubhouse with its decked out Christmas decor and for two hours created, laughed, learned and yes “stole” ideas from each other. Why is it you always like your neighbor’s ideas better?! They provided all the supplies. We piped, flooded, texturized and bedazzled our designs.

Some cookies didn’t even meet my low expectations😂😂 Nevertheless, I had fun. It was relaxing, especially when there were no expectations and I wasn’t making them for anyone. I think I was the only person who didn’t finish all 12 cookies… ummm… not sure what that says about me: slow, picky, calculating, lazy, too busy looking at what everyone else is doing, or intimidated. Could be any or all!

This is definitely not my budding career, but it was a “want to” realized. I would attempt some again for fun, especially if they’re baked by someone else.

Here are my creations in all their festivities…

Do you like baking or not so much?

Is it a Christmas tradition at your house?


I didn’t want this season to pass without acknowledging that sadness and loss often accompanies the joy of the season. It’s a paradox that seems impossible to hold, but we do.

This is the second Christmas without my mother and the third without my grandson. My husband’s parents are both missing from our celebrations, as well. It is obvious they are not around our tables or in our photos. It makes things different. I cannot hide that fact, nor would I want to! There is still joy, but the feeling of loss sits right beside it. They now accompany one another. I can wish it wasn’t so, but truth is, at some point it will be the story of all of our journeys.

I’d like to highly recommend reading this article:

If you don’t know Tim’s story, he lost his twenty-something son last year very unexpectedly and basically unexplainably. He writes from a place of deep knowledge and pain. His writing spoke to me. We could all benefit from his wise words!

If you are in a deep grieving place, know you are not alone!

Grieve … it is evidence you love. Don’t hesitate to seek help. Tell someone! Even if that seems impossible, for your health … do it!! It is the kindest thing you could do for yourself and your loved one would want you to take care of yourself, even if it’s hard and uncomfortable! Reach out to a friend, coworker, counselor, neighbor, family member, etc. Sometimes life gets so hard, we need help! Please ask! PLEASE!

Professional counselors help us process life in any and every circumstance. They are a safe place to openly talk and process.


Our favorite family cookie:

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Crackers (ritz).
It’s not Christmas unless these are present! And it really doesn’t include baking, just lots of assembling!

The recipe: Peanut Butter between two Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate!

What’s your family’s favorite cookie?

See you in two … I’ll be celebrating,