Busy Week …

Busy week at my house, in town, out of town, celebrating!

Not too busy, but busy …

For those who followed my breast cancer journey last summer and fall. The time came for my six-month check-ups. I visited with my surgeon and had my first post-op mammogram.

I can’t tell you how very much I loathed the thought of a mammogram! For six months, I have protected my surgical area, “girl”, still having some twinges here and there. The thought of that vice-grip machine clamping down caused me anxiety! It hurt bad enough before surgery. What was this going to feel like??

My dear mother, gone two years next month, had one mammogram in her 70s. She’d never had one because they weren’t around most of her life. I’ve laughed so many times at her response. She did too, but she was serious! We prepared her, but all of us who have had one know… you don’t understand until you experience it!

We were on the phone after her test and her evaluation went like this. I quote, “Well, if I didn’t have cancer before, I’ll have it NOW! That was the most unnatural thing I’ve ever been through!! I’m never having another one!!” She explained about the squeezing into a pancake and how surely that would deform her cells into cancer cells!!! She wholeheartedly wondered if those machines cause cancer. She never had another!

I’ve often thought they resembled ancient torture devices, like stretching tables, etc. If men had to…. I’d better stop there😬.

Since I had breast cancer, I have to have a diagnostic mammogram, which is a different machine (looks the same to me). They take more pictures from more angles. Joy! Don’t misunderstand, I am very thankful for this technology. It’s the contortion and manipulation that overrides my enthusiasm.

My technician was great. It wasn’t as horrible as I envisioned, but wasn’t pain free either. My “girl” fussed at me for the next two days, but we managed.

Great news!! All is clear and well!! Wonderful!!! Thank you Lord!!

On Wednesday, we attended a funeral for my sister-in-law’s father.

It was a full Catholic Mass. Being a Protestant, it had been a while since I attended a mass. I grew up around many Catholics in suburban Washington, DC. I’ve even had the privilege of singing in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception at Catholic University in DC. It’s not foreign territory to me, but not current either.

I just need to say…. It was a beautiful service… a worship service! It was a large church; the acoustics remarkable. Sound of echos and singing bouncing back and forth in a peaceful serenade spoke to my spirit. Songs praised God. Singers had beautiful voices. The priest was engaging and personal. He was careful to explain their rituals/traditions for those of us who might not understand. It clarified purposes. I appreciated understanding their reasoning. Love for God and His word were spoken and evident.

Of course, we have differences in theology and practices, but I have differences with my husband and probably, everyone! Don’t gasp, very, very few of us agree on every. single. thing. I can handle that!

I’ve been to churches, cathedrals, shrines, etc. in many countries. They all have their distinct looks, emphasis, and practices. I can worship God anywhere; in a animal cave, an empty tomb, the most unsuspecting places. I don’t confine God to spaces. He can’t be!

Thursday, my daughter and I went for pedicures!!

Hope you can hear the angels singing, cause I can!!!

I have awful feet… flat feet, since birth. I grow callouses like a Guinness Book of World Record holder! It is a job when those blessed souls agree to tackle my feet! This woman was off the charts exceptional!!!

I fell into a blissful trance as she massaged my feet and legs. Oh. My. Word. Wonderful!!! The whole time I was begging, in my head, please don’t stop yet, please don’t stop yet, over and over! It was the longest massage ever!

I may have looked like the first pic … hopefully, not the second, but possible!

If you don’t enjoy them, I am saddened for you!! It was a glorious treat! I needed a nap after; I was so relaxed!

My feet are ready for sandals!! Win, Win!! And I had my girl by my side, so much fun!

To culminate the week or begin this week, however you see it, it was Mother’s Day!

Lots of emotions surround this day for me. My mother is no longer here and the time span makes me miss her more! This day punctuates her absence. Being a mother is the greatest joy of my life!! Being a mother-in-love has added joy… seeing your children happy makes you happy. I love the partners they’ve chosen. Being “Zee Zee” has expanded my joy and heart beyond measure!!!

Yet, our family has experienced infertility, loss of pregnancies/children, death of a child mingled amid the joys of adoption, foster and biological children.

There is sorrow mixed with joy. There was a time I didn’t understand you could hold both so deeply within the same chest. One does not negate the other. One does not override the other either. They all hold a special place in my heart! I can’t fully explain it, but I fully experience it!

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year it all collides. I feel it!

I also sorrow for the ones with a mother’s heart who thought by now someone would call them “Mom”, but no one does. I see you and ache for you and desperately don’t want to hurt your heart further.

Four of my claims to motherhood sat in church with me Sunday; daughter, son-in-love, oldest two grands. I loved that! They also hung out with us, cooked for us and celebrated with me all day! A tremendous gift of time and effort. My SIL and daughter are magnificent hobby-chefs! I enjoyed every bite and look forward to the leftovers. I got some FaceTime with my grands, sons, and DILs! I felt very loved and lavished on!

Did u have a highlight last week?
Share it with us!
I know you were busy doing something!

Ps. AND, I’ve been typing away at the book proposal. It will be completed shortly🙏

Nose to the Grindstone,

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