Where To Start…

Where to start?

Thoughts are swimming around my head in a disorganized fashion; keeping my fingers from typing.

Ever happened to you? So many things I should do, could do, should say, could say, but can’t figure out where to start.

My tendency is to start with the smallest, for “completion validation” and work my way up to the least desirable/biggest task. Then on a fresh day, I wake up ready to tackle the big!! Sometimes it takes longer to get to this point than the actual project takes and then I wonder, “Why didn’t I just do that and get it over with?”

So, I’ve started the typing, let’s see how this rolls out…

Last Wednesday night around midnight, I clicked send on my book proposal👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌 

Ready or not, I clicked send🙏🙏🙏 

It was as ready as I knew to get it. Being my first, I researched and read, watched videos, etc. to aid my knowledge. Of course, everyone has differing opinions on these things. Normally, there is something called “Submission Guidelines” to go by with the specific publisher you are sending them to. Since the publisher who asked for my proposal does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, they don’t have guidelines. So, I had to give it my best shot without specifics to guide me.

In case you were wondering, my proposal was over 40 pages. It’s quite a task and not as fun as writing, but it IS part of the process.

Now, we wait. It could be months and months before we hear anything: part of the business. In the meantime, I edit and refine the manuscript! Never done till it’s printed😉.

In case you missed the news, you can read about my book progress Here and Here.

This stack of boxes sits in my living room.

Just a reminder, we live in a small lake cottage and projects like this one have to sit till help arrives. We know our strengths and weaknesses. I started by gathering the materials. Normally, I time things better. These were out of stock for months. When they came back in stock, I quickly snagged them. We didn’t have our help lined up. So, there they sit. They hold such unrealized promise. A sweet neighbor offered to help with this project. He’s been traveling in Europe. Hopefully, within a few weeks, I’ll have a completed project to show you.

What do you think it is??

Give me a guess in the comments!

I want to nod my head and twinkle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and make it appear! Or find a magic wand to wave. Hasn’t worked yet… I’ll let ya know.

The dreaded seasonal wardrobe switch.
Oh Vey! 

In my small lake cottage there’s a small closet in the small master bedroom😁 This small closet contains my clothes. My husband uses the guest room closet. It is the smallest closet I have ever had. Downsizing my clothes has been a good thing, but sweaters and winter clothing swallow the space. Thus, switching and storing has been the solution.

On my short list is a closet organizer; a better usage of the space. Hoping it expands the space some too … one can hope!

Switching out the seasons makes a huge mess of clothing and turns out being a game of Jenga.

Where does this go?

Where will this fit?

What needs to go away: be donated?

What stays?

How could I organize better?

In the end, I had two fans on me and still needed a shower!

It’s done!! Woot woot! Done till about Sept. Oops, I still have shoes to do, but 95% done. I’m counting the win!!

I pictured it as a two-day process with piles covering the floor, but I had it done in about 4 hours. See what I mean about procrastinating because it seems so big?

Starting is just taking one step!
The first step may seem monumental, but the rest will follow often with greater ease than expected. The first step always seems hardest.

Whatever it is …You can do it!
You can take the first step!
I know you have it in you to start!

Accomplish any “dreadeds” recently?

Have troubles getting started this week? Have you taken a first step?
Share in the comments.

Don’t forget to comment on that pile of boxes in my living room … what will it become?

Keep On Starting,