Breaking News: Daunting Week …

This week is a BIGGIE for me!

If you’ve been part of this blog-family for a while, you might remember I finished the rough draft of a book a little over a year ago. You can read about it HERE.

To recap, I began this journey over six years ago. I’ve listened to, collected, organized and written one family’s story. This family has been through dramatic life altering events and wanted it recorded to inspire/encourage others.


I got the news last Friday!

Just typing the words makes my stomach queazy and my pulse uneasy. Goodness, I am way out of my comfort zone!! If you’ve ever dabbled a toe in the publishing world; you know everything is a long shot! So few writers get published. There are thousands and ten thousands maybe even a million manuscripts submitted to one published!! It is a real-life long shot…. Very, very long shot!

If that isn’t anxiety producing enough, I get TEN WHOLE minutes to “hook” the publisher. Ten minutes of FaceTime over a laptop. I have to have my ducks in a row, find composure, believe in my project (which I do) and make them believe in it too.

For the “hook”, it’s actually called that, a writer develops an “elevator pitch”. This is a thirty-second speech, if you can call thirty seconds a speech, explaining your book hoping to hook the publisher. It has to be succinct, poignant and intriguing. Then you have to deliver it so! Yikes!

No pressure.

Whewww… I’m exhausted contemplating it!

I’m feeling nervous just explaining the process😬

Not much makes me anxious at my age, but THIS is doing a fine job of transporting me back to my teen, early twentys when self-confidence and conquering the unknown was daunting… like singing my first solos or the first time I spoke to groups.

The other element that plagues me is technology. Oh LORD, please let it work! We’ve all been through disconnects, blips, technology demons. My son, who spent some years as a worship pastor, says, “Satan lives in the sound system of every church.” We’ve laughed about it plenty, but the truth is, we get dependent on technology and it is NOT fool proof! It causes issues!!

If technology decides to act up, my whole appointment could be null and void! With little recourse.

[Honestly, technology just acted up while formatting this post!! Right here at this spot!! It told me I was offline and it couldn’t be updated. I was NOT offline! See what I mean🤦🏻‍♀️]

Someone may be interested in how I’m getting to meet with a publisher. This is about the only way you can do it if you don’t have an agent. I am attending (online) a writers conference. Some writers conferences have publishing houses meet with writers hearing pitches. This is one of those. I got an appointment.

IF, at the end of said ten minute appointment, the publisher wants to see more, they will ask. There could be several formats they ask for which means quick work for me, but it has to excel to get to a “next step”. If they don’t think your book is a fit for their publishing house, it is over. I’m sure they will pleasantly end the call.

This is not just a long shot… it’s a long road.

I could use your prayers and thoughts! First: for technology to function well. Second: For my part to be polished and engaging. Third: To find favor with this publisher. Also, for the most brilliant ten minutes of my life, 😉.

This has always been God’s story.
Our prayers have been for Him to use it for His glory.

I do think any person anywhere, people of faith, people with different faith, people struggling with faith or no faith, could gain encouragement and inspiration from this true story.

Friday’s coming… I’ll be in my studio, this week, honing my craft and talking to myself with short stints of collapse on the daybed when my anxious heart needs a nap!

Oh, the Places We Go!

Calm my heart,🇺🇦

8 thoughts on “Breaking News: Daunting Week …

  1. I am thrilled for what God has in store for you. A few years ago, Pastor Jim told me that you wanted to write a book, and WOW, you have done it! I will be praying for you in your next steps to get published. Love, Patty Riddle

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  2. Praying that your book will be as engaging to the publisher as it is going to be to each of us!
    Do you have multiple talks with publishers to talk with? What is plan B?
    Think out of the box in your delivery! Prayers and blessings, Elaine!

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