Reverberating Aftermath …

If you’re like me, this week is echoing Aftermath.

Easter lingers, as well it should! The tragic and celebratory mingle, mixing emotions, thoughts and focus. It grips me.

Did I grieve enough, celebrate enough, love enough, praise enough?

Every year seems the same… it’s never enough. My response can’t compete with the gift, the grace, the love!

My flesh and spirit try, really try, but I come to the Monday after still contemplating, wondering and wanting to celebrate longer, deeper, louder and bigger. My feeble attempts seem lacking. My heart wants more!

More love for the man praying in the garden, more amazement of the man on the cross, more grief for the man in the tomb and more astonishment of the man resurrected!

I’ve passed this Easter date for decades and decades. Some things, traditions, carry over. Some are new. Some expected. Some unexpected and welcomed. Some fall flat. Some restore. Some invigorate. Some register ordinary.

My heart wants to experience it bigger, better, more!!!

Truth is… I am limited!

I live within the constraints of humanness. Just like some of Jesus’ disciples, life can sidetrack me, shift my focus, cause unbelief, question. Grippingly sad … the extraordinary can dull away to ordinary from repetition and normalcy.

God, I don’t want that!!!

I want to see YOU fresh, new every morning, especially at Easter!

I want songs to reverberate through my marrow, send shock waves of grace and love through every fiber and neuron. I want your treasured words to awaken my dry places and motivate my feet. I want to overflow with love and mercy. Let it be!

Restore my world-worn heart by your provision. Empower, motivate me to walk out your love and care for surrounding ones. Make me new, even this morning, especially this morning… every morning!

Don’t let my humanity limit YOUR abilities. You are anything but predictable or mundane!

You ARE the Lion of Judah!

The one who roaringly triumphed over death!

Claimed the victory, so I didn’t have to fight a battle I could not win!

Your grace and love gifted me eternity: Hope Incarnate!

I am not enough, but YOU are!!!

Hallelujah! Resurrected to set me free! Praise Your Name Forever and Ever!

Thank you for a lingering reverberating aftermath!
Not for a day, but a lifetime!!!

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Sitting in Aftermath,