It was THIS DAY … Good Friday … that Jesus became fully human.

He knew no sin until this day.

I would dare say he was more human than any human ever!

He did not bare personal sin … He bore ALL SIN for ALL time! We cannot even imagine the weight of such! I think it alone could crush a human to death; Jesus endured more!

We’ve seen re-enactments, imagined the horror of this day and, if you’re like me, cried over all He went through!

This day he took the punishment for our sins upon Himself … willingly! It was so gruesome, God himself turned His face away from His son. He could not look at the hideous effects of sin on Jesus. Jesus in these moments was fully man with no plan to act as God.

He laid down his “Godness” to fully become a man; to bare all of man’s collective sins from the beginning of time to the end of it!

It’s a heavy day!

Don’t miss it!

The resurrection will mean more: burst forth with joy, hope, praise and life, if you let yourself feel today’s weight!

The GLORIOUS is on its way …

Easter Blessings,🇺🇦

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