Did You Hear It?

Did you hear the hush this morning?

The quiet filled with expectation; flapping with angels wings, dripping with promise.

I can imagine the words echoing through heaven: ”Soon” ”Soon” ”Watch” ”Any Minute” ” Don’t miss it”.

”When the Lion roars, it will be over!”


Death defeated forevermore!

As The Lion pitched His head toward the heavens, throating His Roar …

HEAVENS erupted with…

”Hosanna!” ”Hallelujah!” ” Praise the King!” ”Glory to God in the highest!” “He is Risen!”

There he was … walking out of the stone crypt… shining, gleaming, beaming

The Lion sauntering from battle.

Did you hear the Roar?

Did you behold the conquering Lion-King?


His victory … our eternity, never the same, ever!!


Hallelujah, HE IS RISEN!!

Hands high, knees bent, head bowed …

Thunderous Celebration, over and over, FOREVER!

Endless Praise & Adoration,

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