When Was The Last Time … If Ever …

When was the last time, if ever, you did something, dropped to your knees right then and there, and commenced to pray, instantly asking for forgiveness?

I spent the last six days with my baby grand boys.

Promise, I won’t bend your ear, but it was glorious!! Those sweet young boys just melt me. They are tender, loving, adorable, with splashes of independence, genius, and “rascaliness”.

As a parent, I think I was busy fostering my children’s growth; observing and learning from it overshadowed. With grandchildren, I’m not responsible for everything. I can sit and soak in their words, actions, interactions, and responses. The smallest humans on the planet teach me so much. It’s remarkable!

My eldest, Deacon, drove this lesson home in living color. I so wish I had captured it on video, but I didn’t.

Let me set the scene:

We were all in the backyard playing for quite some time. Neighbors’ fenced in yards surround their fenced-in yard on every side. We weren’t invisible. There’s a swing set, balance beam, soccer goal, balls, wagons, trucks, water table, a ride in car, trees, bushes, a flower bed, patio and a new “digger” in the corner.

As usual, the boys bounce from one activity to another: Justice, the soon-to-be 2-year-old, most often carries a stick, “MY stick”. They could stay busy for hours out there and did!

Deacon, six this summer, has played soccer for several seasons and practices kicking the ball into the goal.

I forgot to add there is a dog in the mix, Ovi (short for Ovechkin). He chases balls and hurled sticks.

Deacon was kicking the ball over and over. In this instance, the not-yet-perfectly aimed soccer ball hit the flower bed.

Immediately, he responded, “Oh, No! I hit Mommy’s tulips! I need to ask God for forgiveness.” He went a few steps, facing away from us. He dropped to his knees, folded his hands and out loud asked God to forgive his accident.

OH. MY. WORD. I froze, watching this mini-man/child sincerely pour his heart out to God. It wasn’t two seconds, more like two minutes or more.

Even though it was an accident, he feared his actions caused someone hurt or displeasure. He concluded his accident wasn’t just against Mom; it was a careless action, resulting in something God wouldn’t want him to do, either. Therefore, he needed forgiveness. He took action.

He’s always had a sensitive spirit. I don’t mean, moody, I mean toward God. Spiritual things have always been important to him. He’s very inquisitive: seems to understand beyond his age.

Important to say, there were NO blooms on these flowers yet, just green stalks. It wasn’t like we saw petals cascade to the ground, revealing brokenness. He understood these green fronds would one day bloom, producing flowers Mommy liked. His actions might damage the outcome, even though it wasn’t evident yet. How old is he again?

Mommy wasn’t home, but even if she was, I’m not sure his actions would have changed. He takes to heart that God cares about what he does. His little sensitive heart doesn’t want to damage even a potential flower.

If I could just be half this sensitive, what a better person I would be!!

I would look a lot more like Jesus!

Careless words and actions happen haphazardly. When damage results, I am pretty aware an apology is needed. But, am I at all sensitive to the potential damaging of unseen flowers not just bloomed?

And even if I am… do I instantly drop to my knees asking God to forgive my carelessness, callousness, unloving or undone actions?

I mean, physically respond, noticing my humanness and God’s holiness, by bowing my knees wherever I am without a thought of who might notice.

Am I loving unseen things and potentials of things?

Do I care what God thinks about most things?

Do I consider he cares about EVERYTHING I do?

Do I mouth it but not practice it?

Do my knees, hands, and words align to reveal my heart?

My precious Deacon, you are an inspiration!! I want to be just like you when I grow up: more loving, more sensitive, more aware, more responsive. I want my knees to bend, my hands to fold and talk to God more about my mistakes and carelessness. You are a gift. I am so honored to love you and be an observer!!

Starbuck’s Lemon Loaf Bread, he requested we make together.

It was a holy moment in a busy suburban backyard!

Thank you, God, for placing me there. I feel extravagantly loved to view such insights.

Have you ever instantly dropped to your knees, folded your hands, and talked to God?

If so, respond “Yes” in the comments.
Share a few words if you can.

Love Being “Zee Zee”,

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  1. Yes! But I so wish it was more often and at the smallest things that tenderize me for bigger things!


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