How Many?

How many? 200!


For the 200th time, I have typed words on my iPad and published them on this blog!!

This is my 200th Blog Post!

When I think about it, that’s about a 200 page book written one week at a time! One step at a time can produce unimaginable results over time! Never did I dream Covid would be in the middle of this journey! We never contemplated world-wide pandemics when this blog started. Never did I imagine some of my life happenings either; joy-filled and sorrow-filled, everything in between. I never knew where my step would lead. None of us do!

If I had, I may have quit before I started. How will I ever have enough to say? How could I blog through the worst moments of life? Is my investment worth it? How could I inspire and encourage when I needed it myself?

It’s hard to believe. I never set out with a number in mind, but I didn’t start with an endpoint in mind either. I still don’t have an endpoint.

Don’t misunderstand… it’s easy NOT to do it! In the few weeks I’ve taken off, I seem to keep plenty busy without finding time to write a post.

Life fills in empty spaces without us noticing.

It’s an intentional choice; each week I make the choice. Some weeks I struggle with content, some weeks it flows like a fountain spring running out of mountain rock. Each one seems so different. I suppose that’s part of what propels me on; lessons, observations, life.

This week, June 5th to be exact, begins my fifth year on this blog!

Thank you for being part of this community! Your presence humbles and inspires me. It’s my privilege and honor to have you engage with my thoughts, words, and view of life. Even if you never write a comment or click the “like” icon (although these are helpful in keeping my blog moving), I know you are there. I get reports of how many of you read each post.

I know it sounds a trite, but you’re not just a number. Every time I see the number, it represents hearts, souls, friends, friends-I-haven’t-met-yet, people traveling through life in the same time and space. We all share that in common.

I began this blog, impressed by God’s direction, to provide inspiration and encouragement.

This still summarizes my mission, from my “About” page:

So, why am I here, in “blog-cyber-space-world”?

Since a tender nine-year-old, I have felt a deep lasting connection to God. Frankly … He captured my heart. My life is lived through both a wide lens, with His love and grace as a backdrop, and a telephoto lens, zoomed in on the intricate details of His handiwork on this planet called Earth.

While days often seem to drag on, years keep flying by. In the midst of both, I note and collect “Forever Moments”: moments of an eternal God touching my life and the people around me.

I wish the same for you. Capture the years, embrace the days, and collect the God-moments along the way.

After-all, at the end of earthly days, “forever” is all that matters.

Short Years. Long Days. Forever Moments.



You are treasured and loved!! Thank you!!!

If there is something you feel compelled to do/start, do it!!

Take the next step!

Move forward!

200 seems impossible, but you can take one step! Keep your focus on one step, not five years, down the road! That’s too overwhelming. One step. Just one. Then you’ll summon the strength for another😉

If you’d like a little trip down memory lane with me, Click Here to read my very first post!

Continuing On,

8 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. Congratulations on 200 posts! You are a source of encouragement to anyone who reads your blog. I look forward to reading it each week. Love you Elaine.

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  2. Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Your family is so dear to me. Jim visited my Mom often while she was in the nursing home. She really enjoyed his visits. He preached her funeral. Jim was such a comfort to my family and me. Aaron helped my youngest son when my son was at his lowest point in life. I had the privilege of having Deacon in my nursery class at church. You would come in just to hold him in the rocker. I loved that! Now, I’m confined to a wheelchair for a while, and your blogs are so inspirational. I love you as a Sister in Christ. Patty Riddle

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    1. Thank you Patty! Our lives have intersected at many points!!
      I’m saddened to hear about your health. I’m glad we can still intersect here. I am encouraged that this place is meaningful to you!! Blessings💗


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