Celebrate … Sweetest Ideas!

Riding on the coattails of last week’s post about Trader Joe’s comes the cutest, sweetest ideas!

Last month… goodness me, we are in August😲

In July, I attended my niece’s wedding shower.

We gathered at O-Ku Sushi Restaurant in Washington, DC for the event. Its rooftop overlooks Union Market; off New York Ave, in the Capital Hill/Gallaudet University area of DC.

It was a boiling July day. The rooftop was covered with a tent-top, relieving us from the blistering sun. Inside was open to us as well, where they served our lunch: a beautiful sushi bar. These are the sides I remember: seaweed salad, dumplings, cucumber salad, fried shumai. The food just kept coming.

As a top ranking Sushi restaurant in DC, it was delicious and I am not a huge sushi person. I had seconds.

My baker extraordinaire, sister-in-love, made the most beautiful cupcakes!

Those little cookies on top … exquisite, inspiring!

They were “smack me” delicious!

It was wonderful celebrating McKenzie. She’s a sweet beauty packed with a heart-full of spunk and fun, from birth! We’re so happy for her and her upcoming wedding! I am so glad I got to attend! It was a lovely memorable Sunday!

I came away with the two cutest ideas!

They had what my daughter and I named a “fancy water” bar. Select your water of choice, bubbly or still. Then add whatever you desire; sliced cucumbers, oranges, lemons or limes. We’ve all added things to water before, but this was a hot summer day treat. We didn’t mind if we did… we added them all! Deliciously satisfying! Perfect summer delight!

In fact, we both came home and have continued the “fancy water” bar in our own frig. I have a container of sliced oranges, lemons and limes right now. Sometimes, I totally indulge and add all three! I live decadently over here 😉

Drink up, indulge in a “fancy water” bar of your own!

They lavished us with the loveliest “Bouquet Bar.”

A long table full of cut flowers and greenery was available to us. I think some came from Trader Joe’s, some from the backyard and some another place. An adorable selection of glass vessels awaited choosing. With our own personal style and whimsy, we made take-home bouquet/arrangements … a special gift to us attenders.

It’s rare you attend a function and get to go home with fresh flowers!

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Everyone seemed to enjoy the process/project. Of course, we all liked someone else’s better. Or at least I did. But I loved my gift and have enjoyed it. Going on three weeks later, I have taken out dead flowers and replaced water. I still have flowers thriving!

This could be adapted for any women’s/friend event. Any celebration or gathering. I thought it was the sweetest touch to a wonderful afternoon.

Cheers! Blessing! Prayers for McKenzie and Blair and their upcoming wedding! We can’t wait to celebrate with our dancing shoes on!!

September is up next!

Sipping “fancy water”,

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