It’s here again. Hard to believe, in my county, schools open!

I’ve seen lots of blossoming school children dressed and smiling for the first day pic! I love reading the boards filled out with their favorites listed. The littlest youngsters say the cutest things like “I want to be… Mommy.” One that made me chuckle this week was a rising High Schooler. When it came to the “I want to be…” slot, she wrote…. “I don’t know”!

Bravo For Her!!!

She was not swayed or coerced into coming up with a socially acceptable answer (at her age, she knows what that means) or hurry up and choose something to write on this yearly representation of herself on a board.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to ask the questions, but truly “I don’t know” is a valid and age-appropriate response.

Many of us have asked ourselves that question a million times in our lifespan and still are not sure we could answer the question in a two-inch space. We all know what our minds perceive in young years changes, twists and turns as life journeys ahead. We couldn’t possibly have known back then what we do now.

I admire that young one for speaking her mind and answering honestly!
Don’t worry Maddy, most of us couldn’t answer that question for the rest of our lives either!

Life changes our purposes in seasons. What once I did with fervor and dogged commitment changed as life circumstances changed. I doubt any of us do one thing for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we refine a purpose, sometimes redirect, and sometimes find a new one placed before us. We live many purposes. The overarching purpose, hopefully, is loving those around us. Which, for me, comes from loving God.

I can’t help but reminisce this time of year. I remember the first time I put children on a bus … after years of belting them into seat contraptions, which seemed to take as long as the errand. And now, there they go untethered sitting on the bus seat. Yet, I am still required to belt me AND them into my private vehicle. This never made sense to me and caused a bit of fear pushing them up those steps. Kids seem to love buses… maybe they can smell freedom.

Back in those days, they strongly encouraged us NOT to drive our kids to school and NOT to follow the school bus the first days of school. Yep, they told us that in many forms. I have to admit everything in me wanted to follow that bus the first days and watch their tiny frames emerge to enter the school building. I tend to be a rule follower, so I did not, but today, I might rethink that decision. I’ve found my inner rebel 😉

By the way, what happened at our bus stop the first day of my first child’s school experience was horrifying! I’ll save that for a whole post. Let me say this, as that bus pulled away, I felt nauseous and cried my way into the house. Not just because my firstborn was going to school, but for his safety and what he experienced. I feel sick typing these words.

Let’s move on…

For those who have moved their last child to college and came home to an empty nest… I remember, so well, what you are feeling. Every child leaving for college was a major tearful adjustment. But when you get home, after leaving your last, there are no more distractions. Life is forever changed. No more children in and out the door. No rides to give. No buddies to shop with, or play with, or converse with. All of that is long distance now and “home” feels different. It is different! Special prayers and blessings on you this month! It was very hard for me to adjust. Give yourself time, cry when you want to, move slowly forward, figure out your next steps with intention and space. If you’re not ready to take on new things, don’t. It is a grieving process.

I know some who say they can’t wait for an empty nest: good for you. I hope it works out that way for you.

It is a major life shift. From full-time engagement with a child to long distance part-time connection. I don’t mean this connection can’t still be strong, it’s just not 24/7. It’s an enormous change. I remember and still grieve it, at times.

FOR THE TEACHERS: GOD BLESS YOU! You are rare earth angels. I’ve logged plenty of volunteer hours at schools; teachers/school workers are special people. I don’t know how they do it. They are endowed with phenomenal inner strength and love! Bless you for teaching children far more than curriculum and having the fortitude and patience to do so!! You amaze me! I hold so many fond and cherished memories of you!

If you are a Mom who teaches at home, the above applies to you, as well!

MOM AND DAD: As the new school year begins, embrace the new, embrace your purpose, embrace the opportunities ahead.

If your babes are still under roof, embrace those sweet necks daily; love them to the moon and back!!! What is hard now will not last forever. Life will move on.

They will need your foundation of love for the years ahead: lay it well!

School Blessings,