Check It Off … Done!

You know how I’ve expressed that DIY projects don’t go so well at my house… it doesn’t seem to keep me from trying, within limits! I know when to call in the experts, believe me!

I’ve been staring at a project for a while! I hated to ditch the things, but didn’t know what to do.

These outdoor chairs are about 25 years ago. For 18 years they sat on our covered front porch. For the last seven years, they have sat on an uncovered patio/deck. Last year, we noticed some straps were broken. I suppose they don’t last forever, plus the outdoor winters caused some brittleness. I still like the set.

It seemed crazy to dump the set because of a few broken straps, but they were unusable. Aka… don’t sit on them!

It was way down on my priority list, but I was determined to look into the process when I could. It’s embarrassing to have unusable furniture sitting around. What’s the point, right?

I was hanging on for the illusive “Some Day”.

“Some Day,” came!

I realized I could order the replacement vinyl on Amazon. Just measure the width, length and color. I got a longer spool of the vinyl in case more problems arise. I’ll have it on hand.

The vinyl straps arrived and sat in the house for over a month. Life was too busy to mess with it! And I did expect a mess because of our diminished “fix-it” abilities. I have to work myself up for these things, knowing chaos will ensue. It just happens that way for us.

I see these lovely “repurpose ladies” on YouTube. They say things like, “I had my husband, Tim, go out and cut me replacement pieces for this broken furniture.” Or “All you need is a miter saw, skill saw, and a Master’s degree in wood craftsmanship. Easy as 1, 2, 3!”


I shake my head and snicker at their lack of understanding! I also wonder, how much could they accomplish without ole Timmy boy in the garage with his expert woodworking skills. They have no clue who they are talking to!

I know what I am working with at my house!

We have basic knowledge of tools. I can point at a hammer, pliers, drill and socket set, but don’t ask me to use the latter two! I’m not against learning, it’s just not in my skill set and I am no fool… it takes a lot of practice to use them with favorable outcomes!!

As happens, guests are coming for an outside picnic … hastening my want-to.

I armed myself with tutorials. I never watch just one. Some people give clues no one else does. I’ve been there before… I’m convinced some people leave out a step or two knowing you’ll fail. How rude!

I am testimony to the fails!! One memorable time left me with bruises!!! Oy Vey!

After watching tutorials, I realized this probably should include my husband. I was hoping I could do it on my own, but there is pulling and stretching involved; some expressed needing muscle power. I warned my don’t-read-instructions-husband 24 hrs. in advance.

I did the prep work, measuring and cutting. I showed him the shortest video to give us a few less instructions to communicate.

We began and finished in less than an hour. Mind you, we only had three straps to replace. It took tugging and pulling. I was glad I had the YMCA gym-master helping.

He may not have a Master’s degree in tools, but he’s spent enough hours in the gym to fulfill a Doctorate degree!! I had “Jimmy-boy from the Y” on this project with me. “Timmy from the garage” was ill-suited!

Happy with the outcome. There were a few tense moments with stretching and placement. Figuring out which side we should each stand on was a bit tricky. More than once, “You come over here and pull this way,” was uttered. There was a little dance going on, not gonna lie.

Important to note there is a time restraint. You soak the straps in hot water to make them stretch. When you take them out, they only stretch until they cool. I may have said “hurry” more than once, with a frantic tone… really helpful!!

We can now sit on the chairs and know how to replace more if need be!!

How do DIY’s work at your house?

Are DIY’s me, we or never?

My best advice: know your limits, but don’t be afraid to try; make a functional plan based on your personal limitations/knowledge.

What have you tried lately?

Look what I found when taking these pics:

Signs of the coming season🌾🍂🍁

P.S. Missed you last week. I was enjoying some R & R with all my loves!! ❤️

Checked off,