Again …

December, you’ve come again!

I’ve spent the better part of two weeks holding, rocking, kissing and snuggling two new babes and a four-year-old, who is a mighty fine hugger/affection-giver. I am holding onto those moments and feels: longing to make them last. Also, hoping to transfer the feeling of a baby in my arms to Mary and a baby in a manger, 2,020 years ago.

This year, nothing seems easy, but I’m trying.

“Thank-mas” happened for 2/3 of our family. It sure was wonderful while it lasted. The days fly by when we’re together and parting is always such sweet sorrow. It seems this year the sorrow seemed greater. I know we are among the fortunate to get together at all, but as most have voiced … of all the years, this year we need to gather most!

Like most of you, we have not had the entire family together under one roof except one day last January, which is weird, off-putting, sad, abnormal, uncomfortable … flat out heartbreaking. I don’t like it a bit, as I’m sure none of you do either.

So, this holiday is following the pattern of 2020, unfortunately! Everything is different, norms erased, and odd feelings trying to feel normal. Parades canceled, gatherings “postponed”, travel not advised, etc. etc. etc.

Can I just say, singing with a mask on is very limiting, as in, I run out of breath. Christmas Carols are a favorite tradition … I can belt them out at home, but there is something special and seasonal about caroling in a group. The collective singing at Christmas, our beloved Carols, is hampered by no gathering and masks.

To be honest, I play Christmas music from Oct. 1 to mid January. I started a few days early this year. (Wink) Thing is …  my primary Christmas listening happens in the car. Guess who’s not been in the car as much? Oy Oy Vey … online shopping, delivery and stay home orders mean limited car rides and tunes.

Then, add on top of all this year has brought, we are moving! I’ve chosen to minimize Christmas decor to give me more time to pack the house. I have put up a bit; I turn the lights on all the time, striving to keep the season bright. I miss certain things left unpacked, like the nativity my Mom made. She passed in June this crazy Covid year.

On the bright side, while cleaning out her Christmas decor, per my Dad’s wishes, I brought home a few “new-to-me” Christmas things I sprinkled around my house. I can’t look at them without thinking of her. Which is very bittersweet … our first Christmas without her. The last years, I’ve been her Christmas elf. Helping her prepare for giving to all she loved and longed to bless. It was a tradition I won’t ever repeat.

I know this post seems a bit random, just like our year.
Never predictable, constantly shifting.

I thought maybe sharing a few of my circumstances and thoughts might relate to some of yours. The abnormal is uncomfortably normal. Futures are unpredictable; keeping our focus and hearts in alignment takes more effort.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself: rehearse the Christmas story. Read it over and over. Seek out any and all avenues to remember what December brings us. We don’t just await a family gathering, presents under a tree or a beloved tradition. 

We await His appearing!

We wait for the Savior!

We wait for the celebration of His birth … a tiny babe,

sent to us … to ME, to YOU!

Oh, that Holy Night!

Things in our world, may be different, difficult, strange, burdensome, grief-filled, but nothing will ever change what happened in Bethlehem 2,020 years ago!

I’m trying to focus on that truth!

What is one Christmas tradition that won’t happen for you this year? 

It’s perfectly acceptable to miss it. Admit it. Let yourself feel it awhile, then try to refocus.

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Thank God for December,

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4 thoughts on “Again …

  1. No Aunt, uncle, cousin gatherings will happen this year. BUT, we will remain still and have a greater focus on Jesus, it’s already began.

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  2. Elaine- What a beautiful, centering post. Was thinking of your sweet mom (and Uncle Ken and all of your family) as I was writing Christmas cards on Sunday. Have a blessed Christmas season. Love, Kathy

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