Remind Me …

Do you set reminders on your phone?

Write reminders to yourself?

Tie a string around your finger?

I need reminders to remember the important things.

I remember, while raising my three children, our kitchen wall calendar looked like a rainbow. To keep it all straight, every member of the family assigned a highlighter color. Activities for the day were written on the calendar and highlighted appropriately. The colors drew my attention and reminded me. Inked words seemed to blur, clump together!

Now, reminders get placed in my phone in the reminder app that comes standard on iPhones. I suppose it’s a universal need seeing as Apple included it.

Some reminders are far more important than others. These get back up reminders, hours or even days before the real reminder! Insuring the vital something isn’t missed or overlooked.

This week reminded me TWICE! !

Two dear ladies I’ve known for years and years passed on to their eternal home.
They left me with reminders of kindness, caring, and love.

The First One had the most engaging smile and soft voice. She always greeted me with such kindness and care. Her smile; warm and heartfelt! I can’t count how many times I heard her ask, “How are you?”, as she leaned close and greeted me with a hug. I never thought it was cursory or a platitude: I knew her heart wanted to know. She did not demand attention and never required tending. Her smile touched deep and lasted long… lingered!

Her kindness touched many, including me! As cancer was found in her body at advanced stages upon detection, she chose no treatment. She graciously accepted her end. “Grace” that’s a word for her too! Her calm, steady, faithful presence graced this earth, touching my life.

She Reminds Me: carry kindness and grace with you always. Spread it liberally. Express it! A warm smile can change hearts. A loving arm around a shoulder can melt a mountain of troubles. Despite the difficulties of your life, caring for others is always possible.

Thank you, M, for giving love with a smile, always!

My Second Friend died suddenly. Some pain and the end. She was fiery and energetic. She got things done and faithfully volunteered to “help”! She was always supportive, showing up places to express her love and care.

My husband shared with me after her passing. “Honey, do you know how many times she asked me if we needed money?” No, I didn’t know she ever asked that! God always provided, but what a lovely caring gesture! My husband always declined, but I am sure it was God’s way of assuring him… “I’ve got you, I have safety nets in place!” She was willing and showed her love and concern for us in tangible offerings. Not just her presence, hugs, caring and concern, which she did in abundance, but was willing to do so much more… give her resources. 

Brought me to tears!

She Reminds Me: Be Present! Show your care in tangible ways. Someone needs your encouragement.

Thank you, J, for caring in ways I didn’t even know about. I am sure God used your willing generosity to minister His love and care to my husband many times. Your presence in unexpected places often touched me, speaking love and concern. I hope I can be as sensitive to others as you!

Some BIG reminders this week!

Maybe you got a reminder too, share it with us!

Maybe you needed the same reminders as me!

Life can’t be contained on a calendar or in a Reminder App, but those can surely be used to touch lives! Maybe we need to put reminders in our Apps to “Be Kind”, “Show love”, “Call So&So”, “Check on A.”, “Carry a Smile”, “Show Grace”! These daily actions minister to hearts!

Couldn’t we all do more of that?

Bells Chiming,

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