“Little” becomes BIG …

Moving to the lake presented us with a dock, lots of possibilities arose. Our dock was new, but unadorned… a blank canvas. My husband is a kayak lover, so we knew the yaks would use the dock. Someday, it may host a jet ski, not this summer!

Swimming and water play/floating became possibilities. The shoreline is lined with large rocks. Entering and exiting the water from there can’t happen. My husband, wanting me to use all the possibilities, said, “We’ll put a ladder on the end of the dock. I’ll just slap some extra wood railings up there.”

I quickly responded, “I won’t use that… splinters, wood soaked slime, etc.”

My mind reeled backward to my teenage years when weekends were full of river visits, boating, and dock play. The ladder went straight up from the water, sometimes it was higher than the water level, which required gallant efforts to exit the water… for me, AS A TEEN! When worn out from swimming, getting out of the water seemed the most difficult part of the day. With many decades past, I knew it would prove even harder!

After hearing my concerns, my husband said,

“You pick the ladder. I just want you to use it!”

I set to researching the easiest climbing ladders. Durable, retractable and safe. It’s a little thing, really; what ladder to put on your dock. Believe me, many other things call our attention while settling into our new home… a ladder is not our major focus!

Yet, little things can become BIG things!

If I wanted to use the lake, I could jump in, BUT getting out presents big concerns. I don’t want to get in if I can’t get out! So, a ladder proves vital to using the lake; a pretty important detail.

There are multitudes of examples of little things in life that become BIG, Major!

They grab our attention, our hearts, our emotions. They grow as we realize the ramifications of their existence. They effect far more than we first noted. They require effort, processing, and honesty with ourselves to find resolutions and to move past the hurdle they create. We wish they didn’t matter, but they do! Life is effected by their absence and/or presence. I’ve had many!

Here are a few suggestions for dealing with the “little that becomes big”:

* Do your research! Be honest about how this “little” effects you. 

I wouldn’t enjoy the lake without the ladder. Maybe something would go undone,
ignored or covered over without being honest with yourself.

* Acknowledge the “little”.

It will become apparent at some point: I would never get in the lake without resolving my “little”. I would live on shore longing for the relaxing calm of the water. I would deny myself a respite, a simple pleasure at my fingertips, but never realize it… just wish, watch and dream.

* Just because “the little” is not an obstacle for someone else doesn’t negate it’s reality for you.

My husband would have been perfectly happy using boards nailed into the dock. It would have been harder for even him to get out of the water, but he would have endured it for the water’s pleasure. The issue was mine. I voiced it and decided to deal with it!

Truth is everyone who has used it, has been elated by it’s presence. You may be helping someone else by admitting and dealing with “your little”.

* If your “little” is a heartache … I assure you, it will become big if you let it lay unattended. Hurt and pain are sure to enter our lives. Some of them are “little”, some bust us wide open, in a split second.

Let’s keep on the track of “littles” for today.

Some “little” hurts can be ignored, forgiven or soothed with grace bestowed from your heart. But, some “littles” need more process and sharing and praying.

If they are not attended, little becomes big. The hurt grows because the wound is not cared for; infection sets in.

* Sometimes, all we need to process is prayer and communion with God.

* Sometimes, we need a trusted friend or spouse to share our hurt.

* Sometimes, we need trusted professionals who keep confidences, yet help us move toward healing, so the “littles” don’t become bigger.

You get to do your research, be honest with yourself and choose your path to healing! No one can do that for you, nor should they: we all have unique paths to healing!

I have loved our “floats”. Getting in and out of the water is no longer an obstacle. My “little” obstacle has not become bigger. With a little research and work, I found a solution.

For all of you who carry “littles” today, I pray your obstacle is overcome!
I acknowledge many “littles” take work and effort to get to the overcoming!

I’m sure a “little” has popped into your head as you read this post.
If you can, share it below!

I’d love to pray for you or rejoice with you!

Take care of your “littles”,