You may not agree, but I say “Bravo”… Standing Ovation!

She is the World’s Best; slated to win all the golds!
She withdrew after her FIRST event competition!!


I’m talking about the Olympics: specifically the world’s #1 gymnast of ALL TIME!

I’ve heard some shame her for not “trying” even when not at her best! Or some say, Olympians give their ALL, she quit. Or, if your country has chosen you to represent them, you owe it to compete, no matter what!

If that’s how you feel, give me a listen.

She very well could have cost her country medals and achievement by competing. She knew she was compromised. By pulling out her teammates and subs got to compete without her handicap. They did… they own silvers and golds. She would have taken their slots: kept them from winning their very own medals. But she did not let her pride, status, ranking, or statistics guide her. She chose to remove herself.

Do you think she wasn’t disappointed? Devastated? Heartbroken? Do you realize how many hours, years, blood, sweat and tears went into getting to the Olympics? She pursued it with everything she had. Made every sacrifice possible to be there. She invested her life in competing. Then to get to the largest stage, with history and records to accomplish, she had to choose to quit!

I am sure it was decimating!
Yet, she humbled herself to think of her teammates, who worked just as hard, sacrificed just as much!

According to my understanding, she had what gymnastics call the “Twirlies”, at some point they all get it. Most just get it off the Olympic stage. It’s confusion when you are flipping and turning and you no longer have your normal sense of where your body is and where it should go. Twirl in your living room till you’re dizzy and then try to accomplish a backflip with a twist!! It’s dangerous!! Disastrous!!

You can say it’s psychological, but it’s more than that! It’s body confusion. As an athlete, it spells disaster when your body won’t perform what you have practiced to do.

Bravo Simone Biles for having the guts to step down!!!

IF Simone was just protecting her mental health… BRAVO again! In her words, “Mental health is Physical health!!” Exactly!!

I can’t imagine the pressure dumped on these athletes! Having discussions about it, my son said, “You know, Olympic athletes used to disappear for 4 years and we didn’t keep up with them. They got to go home and train until the next time. Now, with social media, sports TV and companies advertising/sponsoring them, there is so much more required of them. Companies want followings, platforms, celebrity personalities from athletes.” It’s so true. There are tremendous pressures added to sports; life consuming.

Simone was protecting her health mental/physical, Bravo Bravo!!! 

Drawing boundaries is a very hard thing to do in our normal non-celebrity lives. I can not imagine it for celebrity athletes. Saying “NO” is often not an option. There are contracts, etc. to live up to and nations to disappoint! This was no easy or small thing. It was monumental: sending out shock waves through the world! 

Who wants to be that person? Knowing many will be unkind, unsupportive, mean, mad, spread untruths, misunderstand, etc.… and there will be consequences; from committees, advertisers, sponsors, relationships and more. I’ve never stepped foot in the pro-sport world, but I am very sure from observing high school and collegiate sports… it is a demanding world! Even the best crumble from the weights they’re expected to carry!!

“NO” and “I CAN’T” should be an option for any situation in life. Knowing what is healthy for you is a reasonable and loving act; to yourself and can be to others. We all need to set boundaries; no one else can decide for us: giving others the power to do so will most likely be unhealthy!

Simone, you model lessons for us beyond the bars, vault, beam, floor and Olympic competition.

Saying “NO” for our health can often feel like an Olympic event, even when we aren’t in the Olympics! You illustrate setting healthy boundaries to all of us! That lesson will help us win in life!!

Your influence is beyond a TV screen, Arena, or Olympic records!

You encourage us to succeed in our Living Rooms, Corporate Rooms, and Life!

Bravo Simone!!!

A Standing Ovation and Thunderous Applause to You!!

The World noted your actions and would be wise to learn from them!!

Your small 4’ 8’ frame has made a Mount Olympus impression on the World!

I’d say “Gold” is not always won in the shape of a medal, sometimes it is mined in unique ways; Simone Biles kind of ways!!!


Thank you for teaching and empowering us!!!

Simone Fan,

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5 thoughts on “BRAVO!

  1. I agree completely with you Elaine! Simone did what was good and healthy for her and she respected her team members to do it for them. She should be applauded for what she did and we need to pray for her in the days ahead that nothing negative comes crashing down on her. Thank you Elaine for such an outstanding article in lifting Simone up..

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing the truth about Simone. I agree whole heartedly with you. She showed the world what it means to love your neighbor as thyself.

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