Thank you, again, for traveling with me through my breast cancer journey! If you missed any of the five episodes, you can find them on my webpage,!

Today, an update on my project, you can read the backstory HERE

“The She-Shed”

Hallelujah, we are making progress!!

Applause, Standing Ovation with a Whoop Whoop!!

Anyone in construction, doing construction, or thinking about it has found out the current truth… building supplies are slim and people wanting to buy them have soared! Thus, the market is slow!!!

If you can get contractors to come out, we found many never gave bids. I’m guessing the project is too small. After repeated calls, we got bids, but things were missing on the paperwork, so we chased them for weeks to understand the actual cost of the project. And then, the shocking bottom line. Yikes! If you scare easily… steer clear! If you have a handy spouse, son, daughter, grand, friend, neighbor, etc., cling tight, be kind and generous. You, my friend, are a lucky/blessed one!!

Honestly, my cancer diagnosis and following treatments delayed us too. We were shell-shocked, narrowing our focus for a while. When we came too, I wanted to move forward in the worst way! My patience was waning, and I longed to see progress!!

All along, our grandson has been working on the electric part of the build. It’s all wired up and ready to connect to our electric panel👏👏👏. He’ll install the ceiling lights at the end. He has fit us in around a full-time electrician job that has been demanding. He’s a gem… love you Josh!

We took the bids we had at the end of September and made a choice. He said he would likely get to us around Thanksgiving. Yippee… by the holidays!

He called back in October, informing us he would be at our job by the first or second week in November!! Thrilled! Thrilled!! He also said, “Once I start your job, I will not leave till it’s finished.” Wow… so many contractors shift from job to job from day to day and things drag on for weeks. This was Ah-ma-zing to hear.

I see the end zone!

Last week, he put up the studs dividing the shed in half; while he was waiting for supplies at the other job. One end is my husband’s workshop/garage space and the other my She-Shed. We bought just a building shell. My half will be climate controlled and finished out like an indoor room in your house: wood floors, vaulted ceiling, heat/air, a deck/porch on the front facing the lake… the works!

I intend to make it an office, study, writing, hobby place and also a sleeping spot with a daybed. Bonus: a little escape place when the “tiny house” gets too small for two people. Just being real, sometimes you need options 😉

Today our “Knight-in-Shining-Armor”… I mean contractor… is delivering the materials and tomorrow he starts!!!

Sometimes very ordinary people change in appearance by their actions!

Last month, my medical team were my hero’s (and always will be), this month Steve, the contractor, looks pretty awesome in his suit of Armor! His horse is shiny with four wheels and a truck-bed, but it looks perfect to me!

Do you have an example of someone changing appearance by their actions?

We are seeing progress folks!!
I cannot wait to settle that space!!

Glued to the window,

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  1. Yay! So glad you’re making progress on your space! So thankful for a committed team for you. I can’t wait to see the final results!

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