Life Update

Hello dear friends! I’m back!

The last two weeks have been busy busy.

A long awaited move took place this past weekend. My husband took a new job last September. (Read HERE) We sold our home in December and lived with dear friends since January. (Read HERE)

We found this house the end of January; it was being flipped. Actually rebuilt, all they left of the original was the foundation! And then there were the delays. If you’ve known anyone building or ordering appliances in the last year, you know, the USA is having long lag times waiting for materials and large home necessities.

We weren’t sure till the last inspection and appraisal if it was a 100% go! So, we watched and waited, wondering if this was our home! Living in the “in-between” even longer.

Life the last 2 1/2 years has been living in the “in-between”. (Read HERE) Maybe I’ll expound on it in writing one day. It’s not a natural, normal life situation. It’s foreign to our “homey, comfort driven” society; developing patience and causing me to seek comfort, peace/sanctuary in the divine and not my living circumstances. I had to trust His provisions and lay aside preconceived notions of how life should be.

This weekend, we put down roots again!
Did you hear the “Woot Woot”?
It was audible!

We’re hoping for a good long spell of settling, but only God knows. For now, we are setting up camp, unboxing, purging, and finding things we forgot we had! Rating their usability and figuring out if they are keepable. If so, where will they live?

I forgot to say … when we packed up our former house, we did not know what size house we would find. I thought our next house might be a bit bigger. Jokes on me … our house is 700 sq ft. smaller. So, we are downsizing again as we unpack; moving us more toward the “minimalist” end of society.

Guess all those “Tiny House Nation” episodes we’ve been watching for years will come in handy.

Maybe our affinity to them was a foreshadowing, haha!

Sorry, Marie Kondo … I don’t “hold things and contemplate if they bring me joy.” I know it’s disappointing. I have a hard time assigning the word “joy” to things. My inner dialogue sounds more like, “Are you worth the real estate you will consume?”

The style of our new home is exactly what I envisioned. Until we walked into this one, there wasn’t one other house with a similar layout on the market. Even though the size differed from what I expected, when we walked in, it instantly felt right. With every detail defined, it felt like my house. I would have chosen almost identical finishes, although I chose none! The builder’s wife chose all of them! It’s remarkably surprising and feels amazingly ordained.

At some point, I’ll share some pics of our new abode.

Until then, picture me with bare walls, multitudes of unpacked boxes with a view of a lovely peaceful inspiring lake … a gift!


Anybody else move recently?

Fighting Packing Tape,

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  1. Congratulations!! Hope to hear from you soon!! If you need any help let me know!! It was hard for me to let God handle the things I can’t control but once I did life doesn’t seem as hard as it was. I love your post it allows me to reflect in my life in ways I wouldn’t think of doing.

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