Yesterday, I flew in an airplane. Because I am visiting family and enjoying our time, this will be short.

As we prepared for take off, the pilot came on the speaker and said, “Attendants prepare for take off, Cross-Check”, or something similar. I’ve heard it many times, but the words never registered the same.

Hummm … two days ago, we celebrated Easter.

It rang in my heart … “Did I do a Cross-Check?”

Did You?

If not, or if you’re not sure, let me recommend this article …


Easter should stop us in our tracks, cause contemplation and perform a reality check on our personal spiritual condition. It’s not only an Easter thing, but it should always be a thing at Easter!

Take a minute and do it, for your own spiritual health!

Our Easter service started with a music bomb. I was screaming the words behind my mask. It was a spiritual jolt that touched every crevice of me! Praise could not be quelled!! Listen Here…

I won’t be here next week, I’ll update you in two weeks.

See ya in Two!