Which One?

Which group defines you?

Do you prefer a gift? Or an experience?

It’s become more popular … giving experiences to family members at Christmas and birthdays instead of gifts. I’ve known a few who let their children decide if they’d rather have a party or a gift or a gift or a family experience. There are lots of ways to do it.

How do you feel about it?

I love both ways!!

Sometimes, there’s a gift I want to give or one I’d like, but wouldn’t buy for myself. That said, I love experiencing things together… lots of memories made. Yet, some gifts keep giving too and remind me of the cherished giver over and over. Some, the receiver uses over and over increasing it’s value. It’s a hard call for me!

This year for Christmas, our son and daughter-in-love gave us tickets for an experience. We couldn’t attend it together. It was something they experienced and wanted us to, as well.

They gave us concert tickets to a Fever Candlelight Concert. They happen all over the world in major cities. They usually have a few musicians who perform a themed concert for an hour. Many times, they occur in old churches or renovated small venues. AND they perform in total candlelight. Thousands of candles and, in our cases, a stringed quartet!

My daughter-in-love said, “It was the most relaxing time I’ve had in a long time!” After she explained her experience, I knew I would love it. I grew up in suburban DC and attended the national symphony at least once a year. I also played violin from third to twelfth grade, so I have an affinity for strings!

I found one near us on my birthday, so we booked it and attended an ABBA themed concert.

I don’t know every song by Abba, but I’ve watched Mamma Mia many times and know those songs which are mostly from Abba. Also, “The Committee” (my gal pals) hit the dance floor when Dancing Queen begins. We request it at weddings, so we can all do our thing, dance and celebrate. It might not be pretty, but it’s FUN… Girlfriend memories FUN!

On my birthday, we headed to DC, hung out with family, ate an outstanding dinner and then waddled a few blocks in frigid temps, bundled up like Alaskans, to the venue!

OH. MY. WORD…. Marvelous! BRAVO!!!

A dark venue, thousands of candles, and a stringed quartet equals the sound and taste of Heaven. It thrilled all my senses at once!

It WAS a memorable, thoughtful, ministering gift… music ministers to the soul.

We have done some experience gifts before, but at the beginning of 2022 after the past two years, it was so very, very special. I sighed, relaxed, applauded, stared and gasped at the beauty. They played with professional expertise, passion. Love for their instruments palpated with each strum, movement, bow and pluck. The ensemble exuded pleasure in their craft which enhanced my experience!

I leftTensions melted. Shoulders fallen. My heart warmed. My brain bathed in Dopamine. A wide-smile on my face. A happy mood. A cheery outlook.

I recommend it highly or something of its kind. Maybe music isn’t your thing, but finding something that calms and soothes you is well worth every effort, especially in our current culture!

Hats off to “Soul Care/Emotional Health”! We sometimes forget about it. Remind yourself!! It makes a world of difference. It will probably be worth far more than the cost of admission!

Have you had an experience gift you gave or received? Share it with us!

Do you or your family have gift preferences?

My Christmas/Birthday memories still brighten my mood and soothe my soul!!

If you are interested in the Fever Concerts check them out HERE!

THANK YOU J & B❤️❤️💋💋,