“Tiny Living” Progress …

Ten and a half months into “Tiny Living”, our second bedroom/guest room resembles what I envisioned. Minus decor.

If you haven’t read about our downsizing, here are a few links: CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, or CLICK HERE.

When we downsized for the second time, we knew two bedrooms would be a challenge. We have three children, spouses and grands, so finding creative solutions is paramount! Like I’ve said before, vertical space IS space!

I searched and searched and landed on a sleeping solution, optimizing our guest room. Problem was, we needed immediate sleeping space. So, we put a twin with trundle in the space until my “Studio” was completed in November. The twin with trundle now lives there.

This room has been so many things since our move in April ‘21. We have filled it with boxes, emptied of boxes, filled again with boxes, emptied of boxes over and over again. We’ve moved the furniture around several times. We have walled the bathroom entrance to the room. And when the twin went out to the Studio, we had family coming for Christmas. We went to storage and brought our extra queen bed to provide resting spots.

I found the solution early on, but couldn’t order it till we knew the “Studio” was finished; we had nowhere to put it. So, when we agreed with a contractor in September to finish out the studio, I felt safe ordering the bedding solution. At that point, it was to be delivered early November.

Perfect!! That’s when the contractor told us the exterior studio would be completed! It was all coming together!

The contractor lived up to his promises. The shipping did NOT!

Apparently, it was on a barge floating in the Pacific Ocean, caught up in the shipping fiasco! They couldn’t tell us when it would come, but not at least till January! I thought this could end up being cancelled at some point. It was that kind of Amazon letter. That’s when we had to make an alternative plan for the holidays.

Low and behold … one unsuspecting late January day, we came home to a box on the porch. A long skinny box, 1 of 2! The next day, a similar “Box 2” arrived. I knew upon ordering that this was a project for my husband and a friend.

My husband and I are not the greatest at putting furniture together! He doesn’t like instructions. He speaks “Mars” and I speak “Venus” and in the mix we are pitifully paralyzed to complete such tasks at our approval level.

This furniture, with what appeared a thousand pieces, was beyond my mental capabilities. I set boundaries for our welfare.

He asked his carpenter friend for help and he volunteered his expertise.

I disappeared into the studio for the day. I knew something was up when I came in for lunch; a third person joined the crew, a neighbor, an engineer! I’m not sure when he came, but obviously backup was called in! Nobody wanted lunch; I read the room and realized my retreat to the studio was the wisest option.

Three men, thousands of pieces of wood with little letter stickers, very sketchy instructions and six hours later, it was done!

I expect they left with some mumbling under their breath. I’m sure no one but me thought it would take that long. I told my husband it may take two days; he laughed. These were professionals!

This functional piece is now in place ready to be tested and used! It enables our extra bedroom to function at its highest level.

It looks like a bunk bed for two, but don’t be deceived! The lowest bunk bed slides out to make a king under it is a drawer which is another twin. So this bunk bed sleeps four!!! Plus we still have room for a Pack ‘n Play which would fill the room to maximum capacity!

Mattresses are in place; bedding applied. Finally, my vision is reality.

Tiny living is not for the weak-hearted. It has taken me so much longer than I ever expected to down size this move and figure out the room layouts with the best functioning furniture.

I realize this 1,300 sq. ft. house is not “tiny” to many, but it feels like it to us.

Make whatever space you have “Home”, find peace and rest within its walls and thrive there. Dreaming, considering options, maximizing space, and purging goes a long way to that reality!

Cheers to our two friends for enduring a grueling six hours and helping make our space function!! Hats Off Guys! You are exceptional!!!

How are you at assembling furniture?

Had any visions become reality, lately?


I’ll be in touch Susan!

”Tiny” Visions,

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  1. I LOVE your bed!! I’m the carpenter in the family, along with my Son, Carl. Lacey, not so much! lol He is a mechanic at heart and can’t drive a nail in straight! Every good partnership knows each other’s strengths and weakness and when to never combine those two areas if one wants to remain married! lol You are a very wise woman my friend for staying in your studio during that construction job! 🤣

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