It’s Personal!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday have all passed for 2019!

December has arrived: the time of year when dates on the calendar speed up, quickening our paces.

Rapidly approaching is a celebration I DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!

Christmas, the day we commemorate Jesus’ birth!

Oh, we are physically present for every Christmas of our lives, but what I don’t want to miss is the heart celebration! The personal celebration: the places down deep where I contemplate and meditate on this tiny baby come to earth as God’s love wrapped in human flesh. My Redeemer, Savior!

I’ve always loved babies. When I was young, I loved my dolls; pretend babies. As I got older, I volunteered in our church baby department and babysat! My favorite assignment as a nurse was working in the Newborn Nursery! I love, cherish and treasure my most blessed life assignment, being a mother! Even now, my children, in-loves and grands grant me the most amazing privilege. Nothing can replace babies/children! So much joy, newness, creation!

And fresh newborns …. oooh, don’t get me started … they rapture me!!!

I don’t want this season to distract and divert my attention

from this tiny babe in the manger of Bethlehem!!

It can happen so easily; I don’t even realize it. All the traditions and busyness steal my focus, keeping my hands and feet so busy, my heart doesn’t have space or energy to let reality sink in.

So, let’s help each other leave space and time for Baby Jesus, God’s love, to sink into the deep crevices of our souls this season: creating a personal celebration!!

Maybe you use an advent wreath, maybe you use a specific devotional, maybe there is an activity that stirs your heart to celebrate. Maybe, certain music or book. Maybe it’s framed words you keep in front of your eyes. Maybe, you choose something every year to encourage yourself. Whatever, it is that gets your heart involved. You know, the thing that gushes your heart with love for the Savior, raptures your thoughts and puts all your attention on Him. Oh, how I hope all of you know what that feels like!!

This Year

It seems every year is different. As you might guess, words hold a lot of meaning for me. So, often phrases of a song or Bible Verse will stick in my mind the whole season and I meditate on them. Or, write the words somewhere in my home to keep me focused.

These words came to me a little over a week ago, Yes, I’ve heard and read them a million times before. But, this year, they keep swimming in my brain and heart …

… And the WORD Became Flesh …

John 1:14

This verse rang through me like huge cathedral bells tolling at midnight on Christmas Eve, hard, long, loud, echoing, bidding attention, calling, penetrating … beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, miraculous!!

I’m confident this small phrase will fill my heart and mind; preparing me for the celebration ahead!! I am writing the words in a prominent space, I assure you! We may revisit “my words” in the weeks ahead. (When this happens, I adopt the phrase, as “mine”😉 They were written for me!)

Encourage one another today: share in the comments how you’ll focus on the tiny babe in Bethlehem, God come to earth!!

A Gift Coming Your Way:

Look for a GIVEAWAY in the next few weeks to celebrate Jesus’ birth!!

It may include “my words for 2019”.

You had me at “Baby”,


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6 thoughts on “It’s Personal!

  1. Elaine, This is so true keeping our focus on Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. I am reading the book of Luke one chapter a day that I started December 1st. and it will finish on December 24th. This book tells us the amazing story of Jesus from His birth to His Resurrection and on Christmas morning we can awake knowing full well the Reason for the Season. In Him Alone, Sharon Shields

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  2. Thank you for the beautiful reminder! December 1st, I started reading one chapter per day in the Book of Luke with my six month old grandson. I am also doing Advent with him… it’s never too early to start teaching are babies about Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas to you and your family! 💖🤟

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