A Straw Purse ... a Summer Fav!
fashion Mom ... buyer choice!

H2O mom!
Crafty/organizer mom!
relax Mom ... no fuss hair days!
candle Mom ... calm and quiet!
Comfy pampered mom!
make-up maven!
take along mom!
Essential oil mom!
mom's the bomb!
microwave mom! no more burnt hands.
Plant lover mom!
downsize mom!
Traveling Mom! Packing Cubes!
Traveling Essentials!
Decor Momma! Summer Chargers!
For Every Mom! Especially Grands!

The above 18 are tried and true, at least to me and mine. They will all add some practicality and niceties for the ones you love. I thought I’d chose some of my favorites and share them. I am always looking for ideas and appreciate suggestions from friends.

Just click on the picture and it should take you right to Amazon.

I realize nothing fills a mother’s heart like her children around her, but that isn’t always possible and a tangible gift sent a distance might be your preferred option. These are suggestions for those instances. Ship straight from Amazon to your loved one to save money.

Moms are the most special creatures on earth, simply irreplaceable. Their strength and fortitude brought us into this world and in large part have sustained us, even after they are no longer next to us. Recognizing them annually is minimal, but believe me, they remember!

A friend’s son had a baby last week. I had the blessed privilege of meeting this fresh One. The new Dad shared with me, the instant his son was born he was overwhelmed by the birth process, mesmerized by his wife. Then thoughts of his mother filled him. “I wanted to take back every mean thing or action I ever did to her!” “How could I have acted that way when she went through this for me?”

It seems the older we get the more thankful we become, as life opens our eyes, minds and hearts to all our parents do/did for us!

Celebrate Mom well!!

I’d be remise not to mention the Moms’ whose arms are empty. Mother’s Day is dreaded for them. If you stand here, my heart weeps for you! I recognize you live with pain and weight unimaginable. You are strong and courageous despite the circumstances that put you here! I pray comfort, love and care flood you this week, easing your broken heart! Hugs!!!

If you have a Mother’s Day Idea and link, share it in the comments!

Don’t forget to CALL HER!

Hearing YOUR voice is the sweetest sound on earth!

Thank you God for my Mother and for being a mother,

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2 thoughts on “FOR MOM, MOMMA, GRAND … A “HAPPY”!

  1. I love and miss you so much Elaine Stone…your gift idea of make-up brushes reminds me of the dark blush you used to wear that of course I had to wear – because I so (and still do!) looked up to you! Much love from Colorado 💕🌸

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    1. Thank you sweet Josie! I love and miss you so much as well❤️ My dark blush days are over but it’s so touching that you have fond memories💕💕 I’ve always been honored to claim you as my own😘😘😘 Happy Mother’s Day❤️


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